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PTPL #10: Paper Notebooks, Slow Productivity, and a Puzzling Obsidian iOS Question

Is there a reliable way to get text into an iCloud vault, independent of Obsidian?

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  • Time spent on productivity systems versus time spent actually being productive
  • Slow and simple = a valid productivity choice
  • Paper notebooks as tools for creativity
  • Obsidian on iOS: a question with no answer (please help if you know of a reliable solution)

Productivity Inspiration

Productivity Tips

Creativity and productivity are close relations

Adventures in Obsidian

2 interesting plugins

Do you know how to reliably write and append text files directly in your iCloud vault, without opening obsidian?

How to update the Obsidian Installer

Plain Text. Paper, Less.

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Productive proclivities for the teacher — and learner — in us all. Look at the wall your ladder leans against and remember that productivity is a vehicle, not a destination.

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