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PTPL #11: Text into Obsidian Without the App, At Last!

Plus my first steps with the Tasks plugin, and an auto table of contents generator for Medium

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  • Complex vs. simple productivity systems, and how to know which you need
  • How to automatically create a table of contents for your Medium stories
  • A potential replacement for Drafts on iOS
  • Obsidian’s Tasks plugin

Productivity Tips and Inspiration

Moving from Notion to Paper

Better notetakers use simple tools

Cool Finds

  • Cross platform
  • Privacy first
  • Desktop only
  • Scriptable

Adventures in Obsidian

Tasks plugin

Plain Text. Paper, Less.

44 stories



Productive proclivities for the teacher — and learner — in us all. Look at the wall your ladder leans against and remember that productivity is a vehicle, not a destination.

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Ellane W

Designer and educational publisher for 30 years+. Plain-text advocate. Still using paper, but less of it.