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Date Matters: YYYY-MM-DD, Please

Get it right and you’ll lose weight, boost your productivity by 50% and become wealthy in less than a week—honest!

Young Asian boy running through a gold-lit spray of water and appearing to hold a cartoon balloon that reads “The Year comes FIRST!”
Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash, modified by Author.

You think I made spurious claims with the sub-head of this piece, don’t you? Not so! I speak the truth.

Read on and you’ll see.




Productive proclivities for the teacher — and learner — in us all. Look at the wall your ladder leans against and remember that productivity is a vehicle, not a destination.

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Ellane W

Ellane W

Graphic designer and educational publisher for more than 30 years. Part-time teacher, full-time light seeker.

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