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2018 Minimalist Holiday Gift Guide

Simple Beautiful Objects for Discerning Tastes

My minimalist Holiday gift guides are become an annual tradition. This year has been a crazy year for me both personally and professionally. Lots has changed. Embracing near-constant change is both exhilarating and exhausting. As much as I’m ready to press into 2019 to see what it brings, there is something beautiful and pausing and taking time to enjoy the simpler things in life around the holidays.

To aid in this cause, and to rejoice in a few well-made things suitable for giving and lasting (hopefully) a lifetime, I give to you my 2018 guide. A compendium of things you don’t necessarily need but nonetheless want.

The Stagg EKG by Fellow

Clean lines and perfect production execution from Fellow with the Stagg EKG kettle.

Coffee nerds get a bad rap for being overly fussy about every little cotton-pickin’ detail of their coffee setup. But the details matter. And Fellow knows it. The Stagg kettle is not just the best coffee product I’ve ever owned, it is one of the best physical products I’ve used, period. From the tactility of the knobs and buttons, to the simple, effective interface, this kettle is perfectly weighted, balanced, and a great addition to any pour-over rig.

The Bernt Backpack by Sandqvist

The Bernt backpack, shown in BEIGE/BLUE on the left and GREEN/DARK GREY on the right.

Sandqvist is a Swedish company (founded in 2004) that makes exquisite bags and items built to carry around every day and last a lifetime. Anton Sandqvist and his brother Daniel are committed to “producing stylish and long lasting everyday bags in a way that is fair for everyone involved and with care for the environment.”

The Stow Collection by Native Union

The Stow Collection by Native Union is a beautiful way to carry around your essential tech pieces.

Native Union’s Stow Collection is a durable and beautiful way to carry your technology. It is an exclusive launch that is only available in Apple Retail Stores and Apple online. The build quality and details on this pieces are incredible and work great as a minimal way to carry around your Apple gear.

The Hardcover Notebook by MOO

I’ve written at length about the MOO Notebook. Bound in the Netherlands. Heavy Munken and Colorplan paper. Swiss binding. Premium cloth cover. Inventive colorways. This is my favorite new notebook for capturing notes.

NOTE: Fellow, Native Union, and MOO provided items for my review solely at my request and this did not influence my opinion or recommendations in any way.



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