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Creating a Mobile Dashboard from Scratch for Storyly

The Idea 💡

Alright, let’s hit the floor now. I’ve basically explained how the idea come up but wanted to deep dive into it a little more. First of all, I’ve came up with the idea of Storyly needs a mobile app for dashboard for our users’ daily use. However, I was just supporting this idea with my own mind which was completely wrong to do.

The Creation 🖍

We are moving on! We’ve figured out the idea, the problem and the need at basics. Next stop: creating what dashboard features we are going to implement on mobile dashboard and how will be the mobile app of dashboard will look.

The Testing 🤓

We have the idea and we’ve created something. Next step was testing, by testing I don’t mean an internal one, we had to test our prototype with our current customers and see their reactions. So, we’ve started planing short usability sessions with our users.

Mistakes & Learnings 🤔

Actually, I don’t want to make this post longer and longer. I’ve already mentioned couple mistakes above but will try to explain in a nutshell on this very last section.

  • I’ve learned that, in a well developed product team, everybody needs to communicate like all the time. Without communication, you’ll probably rush the task and cause some minor problems,
  • I’ve also learned that not everything we thought as a need or problem can’t be a real problem or need, you always need to learn these from your users,
  • We’ve learned that while everything is on start, creating a full design is not the optimal way, no matter that design is so close to being perfect,
  • We also realized how great can be usability tests, especially when you have a decent prototype to test. Those tests are so great to learn and imply afterwards,



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