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Our Manifesto

In response to the overwhelming amount of potential for early feedback on fintech product launches to change the course of the trajectory of its success, we sought a more systemized solution for truly helpful feedback. It is clear that not all feedback should be weighted equally — background, direct experience, level of success, and reach are all levers that change the believability calculation.

Along the course of our journey, Ayushi and Jonathan have met, spoken with, and received advice from fintech industry veterans across the ecosystem. Similarly, during the course of business, (Tier 1 Fintech Venture Capital and Hypergrowth Fintech SaaS Infrastructure Sales) both have come across 100s of early-stage startups asking the same question: do you think this will work?

This piecemeal methodology creates a small echochamber of advice that can dramatically impact the product build and launch: should it be PLG or SLG? Should we start with SMBs or enterprise? Should we be more partnership or direct channel focused? Should we start with SaaS or build towards PaaS?

Together, bringing leading members of the fintech ecosystem, we have the ability to change the playing field and create a systematic method for advising new entrants into fintech. That’s why we’re starting the Product Council for promising entrepreneurs to receive top-tier advice at seminal inflection points and for fintech veterans who want to have their reach and influence reverberate across the industry in a systematized fashion.

On behalf of the Product Council, we invite you to join our inaugural 4-week cohort. We seek passionate changemakers across fintech from payments, lending, deposits, credit cards, embedded fintech to infrastructure.

Our “Builders” are entrepreneurs, product managers, and engineers backed by tier 1 VCs who are actively building fintech products and looking for domain-specific feedback from fintech experts.

Our “Product Council” is composed of industry leaders who enjoy enabling disruptive innovation through advising future entrepreneurs to enable their maximum impact in their fields.

This 4-week program is asynchronous. Builders will be encouraged to ask for specific feedback 2–3 times per week and members of our product council will be expected to share feedback on a weekly basis.

Our program will empower our members with first-hand engagement with leaders in fintech, a passionate community of visionaries in tech excited about making an impact, and the resources to unlock their potential to take their ventures, organizations, and ideas to the next level. Join us in our journey to tinker, grow, and lead together.

To show our appreciation, we will be inviting all Builders and Product Council members to an invite-only dinner and give access to a syndicate that invests exclusively in Tier 1 VC-backed, seed stage, fintech startups.

Yush // JA



We are bringing leading members of the fintech ecosystem

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