Are Content and Writing Same or Different? — Part One

When I look back, how and why I got into Content, the reason I see was — I was blogging and I used to love writing. But now with an expertise [ at least, that’s what my client says 😉] in that area, I feel that was really a wrong reason to get started.

It’s like because I love eating — I should cook! Cooking and eating are two different activities that differ a lot in terms of technicalities. Same goes for content and writing.

They are not synonyms and just because you are good with Content doesn’t mean, you can write and vice versa. My post would talk about the technical differences that exist, to help the individuals looking to explore the path and bust the myth around content and writing.

Writing is an expression, Content is Technical

After producing thousands of article, still when I sit to write my personal blog/diary, the feeling is different. When working on content, one need to explore the keywords , need to know the audience, the type of platform it would be published, the timing and most importantly a strategy need to be figured out on what content would work when.

In writing, you just go with the flow, there is no technical aspect, of course you might need to conduct interview to highlight a story or particular topic, but still it is a form of a expression, where you want to dive in along with your readers.

When I started my content services I used to pour my thoughts in to the article, with compensation tied to number of words I used to produce lengthy articles or exhaustive ones that was not the best bet for my client. And time I was spending on drafting the content was not helping me in getting the right compensation, as performing secondary research is quite crucial in drafting content, and I was not including it in my commercials.

That’s when I realized, I need to refocus my energy in “Producing Content” rather than “writing”.

Writing takes readers to a different world, Content takes the page to better ranks

Writing can aim readers to different world, analyse a situation or decide on something. But Content basic target is to achieve better rank in the virtual world. So the aim differs.

That’s why even though you might find very heart touching stuff [ even for technical/business related stuff] it may not be the ranked best by the search engines.

Writing can be fictional but content need to be research based

While in your writing you can marry a technology to a firm as a storyline but with content you need to gather facts mentioning why this marriage is a successful affair. And that’s the biggest difference between Content and Writing.

Be it any form of deliverable — Blogpost, Social media, White paper, Case Study or even a book the content need to be collected, validated and verified before making a statement.

While all of the above holds good, another facts is that you can write only when you gather “content” and while drafting the content you need “writing skills”.

So they are mutually inclusive of each other. Both can happen at the same time yet differ in the way you perceive it and most importantly you get compensated for it.

So if you are trying to get into Content or Writing, make sure to have your basics right! And evaluate what you are good at? Is it writing or is it content?

This is a three-part series on Content and Writing, in part two I would cover How if you love writing can get into Content and Part three would cover if you are already into content, how you can get into Writing.

And in case you have any specific question, I would be happy to help.

I did a poll on this question as Do you think Content and Writing are same and click here to know what people say.

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I am a Consultant working with clients on Product, Design and Content. This space is all about my learnings and the process of overcoming hurdles. And here to learn from my fellow beings.




Hey I am Samiksha, a self-taught Product Manager currently sailing solo helping startups across India, Singapore and Australia

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