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Stats of Personal loan [a type of Unsecured Loan]

*Performance of Unsecured loans is worsening because of its risky nature and low capital backing

*The challenges are mostly “manual underwriting” and “physical collection” during the pandemic that are in process of getting digitized.

*As per RBI data Personal loan [a type of unsecured loan] grew at a slower pace of 10.2 per cent in the last fiscal year ended March 31, compared with more than 15 per cent the preceding year. Source ET

*The worst hit was “Consumer Durable loans” that decreased by 21 % in March 2020 -2021, where previous year it grew to 47.6% — Source ET

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Sailing Solo!

Free Bird!

I am the Boss!

The above lingos seem like music to ears, it seems the world has fallen to your feet and you are the Queen!

But as they say — Grass is always greener on the other side!

So this article would walk you through weighing the pros and cons of freelancing and we will also discuss if it is indeed a career booster to women!

There could be many reasons why an individual considers freelancing, like

· The need for extra income

· Looking for Flexibility

· Urge t explore something new from your…

There is a very good bakery in my locality that offers whole wheat products without any preservatives. I am very fond of their Cashew Jaggery Brioche. After ordering for almost 6–7 months, I decided that let me give it a try at home. So I browsed Brioche recipe and got one, now I didn’t had yeast the other day, so I used soda thinking it would still work!

Nevertheless I wasn’t expecting the bakery style Brioche at first go, but what I got was a bread loaf with jaggery and cashew scattered here and there.

As it was warm and…

Sailing Solo comes with its disadvantages, you do not have a team to share things, you want to get advice but you have no one to goto. With almost six years now sailing as a Solopreneur, I had my low times but what get me rolling is these tips that I learnt in my journey -

When in Need of Advice, take a break

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The research firm HolonIQ estimates that less than 3% of education spend is allocated to technology. However, with global pandemic hitting us, technology plays a crucial role in education. In fact a report by RedSeer and Omidyar Network India has mapped the growth in usage from 2019 to 2020. It revealed that edtech users — both paid and free unique users — in K12 and post K-12 segment have seen an increase, with the user base doubling from 45 million to 90 million.

So, we all understand Edtech is the focus, however my point is that it’s not the courses…

No matter what everyone says, but for me 2020 had been a year of learning!

Be it on personal front, or professional or spiritual — it was a great year of learning. But this post is strictly about my learnings as a Product Consultant.

A bit from where it started

In Feb 2015, I quit my full-time job, after serving more than a decade of full-time career for the need of “work from home” and started sailing solo. Working in a techno-functional role, I assumed I would get similar opportunities with “remote work”. But I was wrong. However, I am…

Have you ever tried Turkish tea? For a tea-addict like me, it was incredible! And thanks to these fantastic tea flavors that I got to know about Turkey, a land with rich history in culture and food has also shaped the history of economics. The concept of stock exchange, commerce and money were all born in Anatolia. This rich heritage has inspired Turkish society’s shopping trends and payment culture. The young population is tech-savvy and innovating to built Turkey as a center of innovation for payments.

Do you know Turkeys introduced a contactless credit card way back in 2006, launched…

While, as a technology provider firm we always urge our clients’ Banks and FI’s to adopt “Digital Channels,” we also stress on How to evaluate the ROI of a Digital Bank after implementing the banking solution.

Here is a quick guide that would guide you to look for KPI’s and calculate the ROI of a Digital Bank -

KPI 1 — Cost to Acquire a Digital Customer [CAC]

If you have purchased a core banking solution, hired a team of development, sales, and marketing, you should know at what cost are you able to acquire a customer? CAC helps you in that, and it can be calculated as follows -

Just a few days back we got an interesting query on our website chat — Which new technologies already present in foreign countries can be adopted for Indian banks?

My one term answer to that question would have been — Neo Banks!

Yes, Neo Banks are the answer to the efforts- cashless banking, automated payments, digitization across sectors, SME Banking, transparency, building trust, preventing corruption across all industries, entities, and individuals. The Neo Bank use cases cover all aspect of verticals and businesses. …

The Middle East and North Africa are witnessing a change in consumer preferences, evolving Fintech start-ups, and supporting regulation are testing banks and FI’s digital capabilities. The consumers are going digital, creating new opportunities for financial market to disrupt and embrace fully integrated mobile wallets via smartphones, wearables, and tablets. A recent GSMA research outline that in 2017 MENA region had 375m unique mobile subscribers that could reach to 459m by 2025, where smartphone connections can increase from 49% to 74% by 2025. In fact in countries like UAE the mobile phone usage is nearly 100%.

To such a rapidly…

The Product Management

Stories is what I tell, Product can change!

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