Bench Raises the Bar for Collaboration Tools

After extensive testing, interviews, and improvements, Bench has launched on Product Hunt today. This is a product that should be added to every collaboration stack, every productivity curated list, and every remote worker’s toolbox. You don’t need to set up calls, people don’t need to login or have any application installed. Just need to send someone a link. It’s effortless.

Ease of Use

I’ve used Slack and Skype more than a few times recently and the time it takes to set up is just not worth it especially if it’s a temporary collaboration project. With bench, hour long project take an hour because of the ease of sharing. . The only way to access your bench is with the link. If you don’t want others to have access to your bench any more you can ‘reset’ the bench. It will kick them out and change bench URL to a completely new one. Perfect for freelancers working on a design project or content creators brainstorming. Create bench, produce results, move on.

Great to Greater

I always try to add some thoughts on what I think would take the product from good to great. This product is great. The creators have been extremely responsive on Product Hunt and have hinted at some upcoming features including a recording feature so users can record their conversation for a future reference.

I was lucky enough to get a quick run through from Justin of the Bench team and saw just how easy it was to see what he was looking at. I could point to something with my cursor and ask a question with him understanding immediately what I was questioning. Completely eliminates the possibility of confusion.

How I’ll Use It

I have a ton of projects where collaboration is necessary. Often it’s 10–15 minute meetings or sessions where it takes longer to set up the session than the session itself. Bench is the perfect solution. I will no longer have to sign up for services, make sure everyone has a username or verify hardware compatibility. I can send a link and focus on work. We’ll all have more time to spend on what matters; our productivity.