10 Best iMessage Apps for Your iPhone

So many of us use text messages as our main method of day-to-day communication with the most important people in our lives. At Product Hunt, we’re big fans of apps that enable us to make the iMessaging experience better—either by adding utility or humor (or both!) into the mix. The 10 apps below will help you: automatically create GIFs with your photos, translate texts into different languages, and keep your most personal messages and images safe. Read on for the full list.

1. Instant Translate for iMessage

Chat in any language in iMessage.

With Instant Translate, you can chat with people even if you don’t speak the same language. Just type a message in your own language, and this app will translate it into a desired language instantly. Over 100 languages are currently supported, with speech recognition for more than 40 of them.

2. Gramar Snob

Markup iMessages like an English teacher.

This app is every grammar lover’s dream. If you can’t stand text typos or grammatical errors, this sticker app will help you make things right (and likely annoy your friends). Now, you’ll have all of the obnoxious red pen-like corrections you need to fix common grammar and spelling mistakes. This might become the most used sticker app on you’re phone. [Typo intended.]

3. Momento

Share your memories as GIFs in iMessage.

Momento will automatically create GIFs using your photos directly inside of iMessage. Using a “smart detection” algorithm, the app will create beautiful moments with content from your phone’s photo album. You can also use a series of filters to keep things interesting, including (surprise, surprise!) Trump and Hillary filters.

4. Blur

Obscure and expire private photos in iMessage.

Use the Blur app to lock and protect private photos, videos, and important documents that you send via iMessage. Your pictures will stay blurred in conversations and notification pop-ups until the recipient taps to see them clearly. You can also set photos to expire. Images sent with this app can’t be forwarded or saved to someone’s camera roll, so you can rest assured that your images will only be seen by the intended recipient.

5. ETA for iMessage

Easily share your ETA in any conversation.

Have you ever told a friend you were only five minutes away when really, it was more like 15? Hey, we’ve all done it (and hate when it’s done to us). If you want to start sending more accurate ETAs, this app can help. Now you can share exactly where you are in iMessage so you don’t keep people waiting. You can also preset common locations to make ETA sharing even quicker. Download this one now—your friends will thank you for it.

6. Party Parrots

Finally, the joy of Party Parrots comes to iMessage.

This app is sweet and simple. Finally, the joy of Party Parrots comes to iMessage. Choose from a variety of colors and styles, and let the text messaging fun begin. The standard iOS emojis have nothing on this pixillated parrot caricature. For the record, our favorite is the one with the sombrero…it’s one bad parrot hombre!

7. Censored iMessage Stickers

Bad words bleeped. Photos pixelated. Secrets kept. True story.

This is a delightful and creative use of iMessage stickers. You can “bleep” out bad words, pixelate photos, and add funny stickers over certain parts of your text messages. We think this app is [CENSORED] awesome, and it’s sure to confuse and delight the people you text.

8. JibJab for iMessage

Send your favorite GIFs without leaving iMessage.

The JibJab app is hilarious—and once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Snap a selfie, crop it, and then superimpose your face onto over 1,000 different customizable GIFs. You can also add your friends’ faces to the app, which makes it even more fun—especially in group chats with a bunch of your buddies. Let the LOLing begin. :-)

9. Emoji Poll

The easiest way to send a poll on iMessage.

The Emoji Poll is a fun way to poll your friends over iMessage. For example, if you’re getting a bunch of people together for dinner, you can send several different food emojis so your friends can “vote” for their favorites. This app makes polling fun in situations where it might otherwise be a pain.

10. Cloaked

Keep your text messages secure with Touch ID authentication.

Privacy is becoming increasingly important these days. There are a number of apps that help you keep part of your iMessages private, and this is one of our favorites. Now when you send an image, Cloaked makes it so that the recipient won’t be able to view it without their Touch ID authentication. This is also a great way to send sensitive information, like passwords and other personal notes (even though it’s best never to share that stuff via text message, anyway). Give it a try today.

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