20 Slack Apps You’ll Love 💕

Slack is taking the business world by storm. More and more companies are using this communication tool—and it’s becoming an increasingly robust platform due to all of the integrations being built on top of it. Now, you can do pretty much everything in Slack—from tracking how your customers use your app, to keeping tabs on company finances at a glance, to getting a daily digest of top news from around the web.

Here are 20 of the Product Hunt community’s most-loved Slack integrations. Trust us—once you give some of these a try, you’ll wonder how you ever made it through the day without them.

1. Baremetrics

Subscription analytics, insights, & notifications in Slack.

Keep tabs on the pulse of your company with real-time updates about customer behavior (e.g. new customers, upgrades, downgrades, cancellations, charges) and company performance (e.g. MRR, LTV, churn).

2. Api.ai

Build a smart, conversational Slack bot in five minutes.

Build a smart Slack bot without code. Just provide a few examples of how people can communicate with your bot, and Api.ai will make the bot conversational. You can also connect it directly to your web service to fulfill user requests auto-magically.

3. AppFollow

Track app activities in App Store and Google Play.

Track new and updated reviews, rank changes, search results changes, and updates for your app in the App Store, Windows Phone Store, and Google Play. Say goodbye to constantly checking your app pages!

4. DiggBot

Discover the best of the web.

Whether you want to catch up on the latest news or you’re just bored at work, this bot will help you stay up-to-date on any topic, keep track of trending stories, and send you random links if you just want to be entertained. We digg it. ;-)

5. PaperBot

Get a daily digest with the best links shared by your team

If your team shares lots of links throughout the day and it’s starting to overwhelm you, this bot will curate a list of the best ones and send you a daily digest via email every day. You can also create an “ignore” list, so the bot knows not to include links you don’t want in the digest, like Trello and GitHub updates.

6. PixelKit

Share, discuss, and find your team’s design work.

If Slack and Google Docs had a baby, this would be it. This makes every part of your design work searchable, gives your team visual version control, and integrates with all of your other tools (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive). The best part? Comments from Slack, meetings, and emails are automatically attached to your designs. This is a design collaboration tool at its best.

7. Monkey Test It

Automated website testing by clever monkeys.

This bot will visit your website and pick it apart to look for bugs. In other words, it’ll click every element on a page in search of errors (like broken links, missing images, and JacaScript issues). Schedule a test, and you’ll be notified when any bugs pop up.

8. Yodel

Add your business phone to Slack.

This bot will announce and allow you to answer your phone calls directly from Slack. You can talk directly via your web browser or with your phone. A few other fun features: share your call URLs with teammates so they can join, greet callers with a custom text or audio file, and upload any music file for callers who are on hold. Started from a cell phone, now we here! [Insert Drake’s Hotline Bling moves here].

9. Sway

Keep track of your company’s revenue and expenses.

When you’re building a startup, money matters—but so does time! And ain’t nobody got time to log into a gazillion different accounts to get a sense of your company’s financial health. This bot will help you keep tabs on your revenue, expenses, and bank balances without any of the extra work.

10. Intro

LinkedIn for Slack.

Each Slack team can now have its own private network. You can see who everyone on your team is connected to, view detailed profiles of each team member, find potential job candidates, and connect to potential customers through a warm intro from a teammate.

11. Marker 2.0

Send screenshots to Slack, Trello, Github and more.

This is a ridiculously useful tool that allows you to send a screenshot to teammates that make the team collaboration and feedback process significantly easier. This tool works with Slack, but you can also use it to automatically create a card or task in Trello, GitHub, Jira, and more.

12. Slack News Feed

Get the top posts from every Slack chat you’re in.

So many Slack channels, so little time! Honestly, all the messages you get all day long from your entire team can get a bit overwhelming. Use this bot if you want a curated list of the top posts from every single channel you’re in. Trust us, it’s useful. Bonus: Just in case you’re not already too overwhelmed, you can use Hamster Pad (the makers of Slack News Feed) to find over 300 other interesting Slack channels you could join.

13. Mention for Slack

Real-time monitoring + real-time chat.

You’ll get a daily recap on any company you want to track, letting you know how often it was mentioned, what the top source of conversation was, and what percentage of the mentions were positive in sentiment. This is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of how people feel about a company–including your own.

14. I Done This

Easy status reporting on what your whole team is doing.

Instead of having daily stand-up meetings, use this bot to get a more efficient take on what each member of your team is working on and has accomplished each day. It’s a fun way to keep track of the progress your team is making over the long run, too.

15. HourStack

Track your time and allocate your resources with Slack.

This is a super robust time tracking tool that allows you to plan out your time every day in a way that helps you maximize each hour. With the Slack integration, just use /hourstack start|stop [entry name] to clock how much time you spend on each planned task. This is a great tool and integration if you want to be more intentional about how you spend your time each day–and let’s be serious, who doesn’t want that?!

16. Statsbot

An awesome analytics bot for Slack.

Every analytics lover’s dream bot. There is so much you can do with this integration, which seamlessly pulls in your analytics from Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and New Relic. Basically, any data you can pull in GA, you can now pull directly into Slack with a simple command.

17. Relay

See what users are doing in your app from Slack.

This tool will show you exactly what your users are doing in your app throughout the day. It’s a great way to keep your eye on how people are engaging with your product, and can ideally be used to make it even better over time. Think of it as customer feedback without needing to send an obnoxious user survey out.

18. Skype for Slack

Move your slack discussions to a group Skype call.

Now you can start a video chat directly in Slack with the /skype command. As always, voice and video calls are free via Skype—and if you want to start a team call with members who don’t have an account, they can sign in as guests. Video chatting with your team just got so much easier.

19. Birdly

Get a 360-degree view of your customers.

This Slack bot is particularly useful for those in customer support roles. All you need to do is integrate the various tools you’re using (e.g. Salesforce, Zendesk, Stripe, Intercom), and voila! When you ask about a particular customer, all of his or her information will pop up directly in a Slack channel. That’s what we call customer service efficiency.

20. Slack App Directory

Your go-to for finding apps that work with Slack.

There are so many different Slack app options; it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by them all. If you are still looking for more, this app directory will help you find them. Search by: top apps, new and noteworthy bots, or a specific category of interest. You’re about to ridiculously optimize your Slack usage.

You’re welcome.

There’s no way we could cover every single amazing Slack integration out there. If you’re interested in browsing for more, you can check out the complete list of useful Slack tools on Product Hunt (Psst. Find over 350 of them here!).