The Coolest Workstations 👩‍💻👨‍💻

If you want to get a sense of a person’s true inner-self in 2017, do one of two things: Option A) question them for five hours straight in a closed room with no windows, or Option B) get a quick look at their homescreen, workspace, or recently used emojis.

We want to get to know you better. Many of you tweet your homescreen @ProductHunt regularly. And since asking you to share your recently used emojis is too personal, we asked the Product Hunt community to see their workplaces. 👀

Here’s the tweet that got things underway:

180+ responses later, and we can say that people’s workspaces vary in every shape, size, and location.

Scroll to the bottom to see the spectacular shirt winners (we went with 6 instead of 5 because of beautiful nature and pets).

Working in nature

Working remotely

Kittens on desk

Pup on desk

Pup on the lookout

Pup all day

Bring your co-workers to work day

Or work from bed


Remote boat life goals

View goals


Never change

The future


In one year a lot can change

What does this desk look like today

Likely an architect

Black & White Part 1

Black & White Part 2


Screen goals

We’re not judging

Ultra-wide screen

Ultra-wide picture

A little messy

Super messy


Bike ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This is cool

This is clean

This is great

Working from home

Tree theme

Star Wars theme

A desk for drawing

A desk for coloring

Make something people want

Clean setup

That 4k setup

Symmetrical setup

Minimalist setup

Emoji at work

Emoji at play

Work & Play

Smiley emoji

The podcast emoji

Or something

Is that a parking sign

I see me

I am everywhere

In all places

A video walkthrough

Video explainer

Hello Amsterdam

Hello France

Hello darkness

What time is it

It’s me again




If you close your eyes you can hear EDM

The iPad is floating in mid-air

You do

Y Combinator

Stock photo

There’s a cat in this picture

There’s a dog in this picture

There’s a dog in this video

The Ultimate Workstation 😎

The winners!

Congrats to the following champions on winning a Product Hunt shirt and having the coolest workstations! 🎉







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