How product marketing can work best with product management

Being able to work with and influence the company enough to manage a cross-functional go-to-market process will require a good relationship with your product manager.

Product Managers (PM’s) sit close to engineering, and oftentimes have a technical background, so they understand the coding language they’re working with, and how engineers communicate their engineering sprint cycles.

Of course, some Product Managers do not have a technical background, and some industries have far more complexities than others depending on how high or low on the technology stack you are in. But that is more the exception than the rule, and many PM’s were former engineers or at least understand the language of code.

When working with a PM, it’s important to have an informed data-driven opinion of the industry, and create a collaborative relationship built on trust. PM’s are often the most strapped for time, and they often operate as the CEO of the product, while product marketers often operate as the CMO of the product.

Because PM’s are often strapped for time, making it a priority to lead by creating and managing the go-to-market process, and product marketing strategy will…