Top Questions to Ask in Your Customer Interview for B2B Businesses

The hunt for product-market fit is a journey every entrepreneur must undertake. But where does one begin?

The key is in the questions, and it starts with a conversation with your customers and ecosystem.

By deep-diving into the heart of your market with probing questions, you can unlock invaluable insights and steer your venture in the right direction. Get a firm grasp on the current landscape by asking questions about their business.

Below, I’ve shared some sample interview questions that could be helpful and relevant for customer feedback interview.

Obviously, these need to be edited based on your exact business problem and industry, but these are great proxies for the types of questions you should be asking your customer in the B2B space.

Assessing Market Size & Opportunity: Understanding the lay of the land is your starting point.

1. Can you share insights on your annual and quarterly revenue trends since 2018, and what’s the projection for 2019?
2. What’s the headcount at your company, and are there plans to expand?
3. How would you break down your revenue goals for the past year?
4. What challenges or concerns keep you up at night as…