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5 of the best places to get a free personalized brand logo

Finding a good free online logo maker for your dropshipping business is at times tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack. With many online logo makers to be found on the internet, but so few of them offering much in way of quality, or price, it can seem like an impossible task finding a good logo maker for your store through the plethora of options that the internet has on offer. This is why we have taken to compiling a list of 5 of the best logo makers to be found online. Ones which we ourselves at Product Mafia have come to trust and use over the years, listing them for the quality of the logo’s they produce, and the simplicity of design in making them. Which gives users the opportunity to produce a Pro level logos with only entry-level skills. Devoid of the many hidden caveats that often hide in the fine print of online logo makers, we give to you 5 of the best online logo makers available on the internet right now:

1. Hatchful

Hatchful is easy to use logo maker that caters specifically to entrepreneurs. Absolutely no design skill is required to use it! And getting started is as simple as clicking on a button, and choosing a box that correlates with the niche that your store serves in the dropshipping industry, giving you access to a wide selection of style icons. Whether you want a logo designed specifically for your website, social media accounts, or business cards, you’ll be presented with an array of professional-looking and trendy logo options for your store. Boasting an impressive portfolio of having been used by over 140 000 business owners all over the world, rest assured that all your design needs are in good hands, and it's 100% free!

2. LogoMakr

LogoMakr is probably the most advanced entry on the list and it does require a bit of artistic flair and practice to get right the first time around. Although the design process is made easy through a short tutorial on their landing page which explains everything you’ll need to know on how to design the perfect logo for you and your store, which will make the process a lot easier. An easy to use drag and drop template allows you to select an icon from a library of over a million options, like animal heads and stencil sketches. Insert your text, chose a color palette then move the individual elements around until you have a logo that’s to your liking. And once you’ve mastered the design process on LogoMakr, the design process is only limited by your imagination. This free logo maker has a number of options to make the logo design process as streamlined as possible, from a basic download in a number of image formats for personal use to a high-resolution premium image perfect for commercial use. If you're of an artistic stock and want the freedom that comes with creating and branding your own logo from scratch rather than having a computer do it for you, this is the logo maker for you.

3. Canva

Finding truly free logo design websites on the internet can be challenging, especially when you consider the fact that most free online logo makers keep a premium high-resolution version of your logo under lock and key until you make a payment on it. Giving you a free low-resolution image of your logo that acts as little more than a motivator for the paid product, and unfortunately, the majority of online logo makers operate on such a basis, which some may find irritating or as a rather unwanted inconvenience. This is where Canva separates itself from the rest by not only being completely free, with no difference in the resolution of the image formats on offer, but it also features one of the best and easiest to use design interfaces that require no prior experience in graphic design. Creating a logo (or video and even a Facebook ad if you so wish) for your dropshipping store is as easy as choosing what platform you want a logo designed for, then choosing from an extensive choice of ready-made templates and tweaking them to suit your artistic vision. You don’t have to create an account with Canva to gain access to their services, and they offer a pro version that comes at a premium with an even greater choice of templates to work from, not that you’ll have much need of them on the journey to creating the perfect logo for your dropshipping store.

4. MarkMaker

A noted entry on this list, MarkMaker features one of the easiest user interfaces on the list. A prototype open-source design system, MarkMaker sources typefaces from Google Fonts, and public domain icons from the Noun Project. Built with React MarkMaker is a fully automated logo design system that does all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is input your dropshipping store's name, and it’ll continuously generate a wide selection of logo options for you to choose from. No form of registration is needed to download or use the service, nor is there a paid or premium option. The entire service is free in its entirety, although it does present you with the opportunity to make a small donation should you choose to as a sign of appreciation. A very clever design system, its logos continuously improve the more information you feed it, and once you satisfied you can download your logo as either a PNG or SVG file format.

5. Logaster

A comprehensive multi-purpose logo builder, Logoster offers you an all comprehensive choice of applicable mediums for your chosen logo. All that’s required of you is the name of your dropshipping company, and you’ll be given the choice of a number of high-end themes for your logo. That once clicked on will present you with a number of logo options in your chosen theme, along with examples of your logo’s branding on everything from a mail newsletter to a dedicated website, and all you have to do to access them is register an account for free and you then are granted access to further edit your logo to your liking. You can download the finished product as a PNG at no cost whatsoever. This is the perfect tool if you're looking to create branding specific to your website as it gives the option of creating not only a logo for your site, but branding based on your logos like T-shirts, business cards, and websites. It’s an all in one destination for all your branding and imaging needs.


The journey to branding and creating an image for your dropshipping business needn’t be as challenging or expensive as you may think. In the digital era, we find ourselves existent in you can have a premium quality logo specific to your brand image designed and completed within minutes. The only challenge is the question of which online tools to trust for your project which is where we as Product Mafia come in. To leverage our years of industry expertise and know-how to list for you five of the best free logo makers on the internet that we have come to trust over the years. Now it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, and countless hours spent sharing your design brief with a professional designer. Instead, all you need is a general idea of how you want your site to look, its name, and with the free logo makers that we listed here today, you’ll have an expert level logo and branding within a matter of minutes.




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