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5 Ways to Add Value in Your Dropshipping Business

More and more people are looking to the dropshipping business model as a way of generating low-risk, steady income with small capital. As a result, the competition in this industry is getting harder and harder as the number of competitors is increasing every day. To be able to stand out from competitors, you must find ways to add value in your dropshipping business for people to buy from you instead of your competitors.

Merely listing off the features of your dropshipping products is not enough. You have to go beyond that to show your value to potential consumers. Gain their trust to gain their business. How can you do that? I’ll discuss 5 ways to add value to your dropshipping business in this article.

Better Product Quality

Dropshipping products from local or overseas suppliers will not let you check the quality of the products before they are shipped to your customers. To ensure that you can provide better product quality, do a test order from all of your potential suppliers. This means you have to shell out money to buy the products from them yourself so you can assess the quality of the items that they produce. By doing so, you can avoid sourcing from suppliers with low-quality products and zero into dropshipping suppliers who have the same product but with better quality. You should know beforehand the quality of the products you’re selling before your customers do.

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Performing test orders is one of the best strategies you can implement as a drop shipper and one of the best ways to spend your money on for your dropshipping business. Once you have assessed the quality of the products through test orders from suppliers, you can decide which suppliers can give you high-quality products that will make your customers happy.

This way you’ll be more confident in the quality of the product and the packaging that your supplier ship out to your customers and spare yourself the worry that you’re selling products with inferior quality.

Faster Product Delivery

Customers always expect to get their purchased products the soonest time possible. One day delivery would be impossible if your products will be sent from overseas which is common for all overseas dropshipping suppliers. The best way to shorten delivery time is to buy your products on wholesale and ship them yourself or, you can hire a fulfillment service in a location nearer to the customers you serve. Let’s say, you’re target customers are US consumers, then find a US-based fulfillment center.

However, if you don’t have the financial means to buy your inventory and get the services of a fulfillment center, make sure that the dropshipping supplier you decided to partner with can deliver the products within the agreed delivery period. This is where a test order could become more beneficial for your business. You’ll be able to determine if a drop shipper supplier has a reliable shipping method and delivers their promise when it comes to shipping products on time because you have experienced it firsthand.

If you have tested the shipping channel yourself you’d have the assurance that your customers can receive their purchases within the period specified in your shipping policy. You can also provide a realistic time frame for the product to arrive in your customer’s mailing address.

Present Product Attractively and Uniquely

Majority of drop shippers use only stock images from their suppliers. These are mostly low-resolution images with manufacturer markings on them which may diminish consumers’ appreciation of your products. Getting your hands into the actual products would also help you write better product descriptions and take unique photos and videos that will help you convince consumers to buy them from you, not from your competitors.

There are many ways you can generate content out of those products that you test ordered. You can create blog posts from them like a list of gift ideas for holidays, fashion inspiration, and more. When it comes to videos, you can create how to’s to teach buyers how to use the product or which products they complement best to maximize their use, and so on. Creating engaging content that would present your products in the best way possible would be easier for you when you have access to the actual products.

Offer Expert Product Advice

Customers expect that you know the products you’re selling more than they do. To provide them useful information that can help resolve issues they have on using products purchased from you, you have to familiarize yourself with the products’ features and components. This is another advantage you can get when you do test orders from suppliers. Adding more value after the product has been purchased make customers appreciate your dropshipping business more.

Teach your customers how to assemble your product are how to care for it to make it last longer are just a couple of ways you deliver real value to your customers. By doing so, you will strengthen your ties with them and they will be happy to purchase from you again. Bear in mind that happy customers can be influential marketers of your brand. They would be happy to tell other people about their positive experience with your store which could lead to more people buying from you than your competitors.

Simplified Payment Methods

Customers appreciate a simplified checkout process. They don’t want to deal with several steps before their payments are processed. All they want to do is choose the products and provide their payment details then you do the rest. Nothing frustrates a customer more than spending time browsing products to buy and when they have made their choice they will have to undergo several steps during checkout. Most of them will end up abandoning their carts rather than deal with your complex payment process.

Photo by Paul Felberbauer on Unsplash

Optimize your checkout process to make them more effective in converting visitors to customers. Do you need them to sign up for an account before they can purchase products? Or would it be better to offer a guest-user-checkout option instead that will only ask for a contact number and email detail?

Another strategy is to use multiple payment gateways in your dropshipping business to enable you to receive various payment options. This way you’ll be able to receive payment in different currencies and have alternative payment methods in case other options will encounter a problem during the checkout process.

Final Thoughts

Dropshipping is a very profitable business if executed in the right way. By providing more value to customers when they do business with you is an effective way of gaining their trust and earning their business. Invest money on test orders because you will end up saving more with this strategy rather than risk the quality of your products and hope that your chosen suppliers would hold up their end of the bargain and deliver the right products on time. To add value in your dropshipping business you need to invest money, time, and energy yet the results will be worthwhile.

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