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Dropshipping Business: 5 Free Marketing Strategies

Many startups start their dropshipping business with small capital which is only enough to build their website and start selling. With no money to use for marketing, drop shippers will find it hard to drive traffic to their store and convert them to customers. This is a common issue that drop shippers have to deal with in the early stages of dropshipping.

Just like in any other business, for a dropshipping business to succeed, you have to get the word out there so people can find you. An ad campaign is not the only way to market your dropshipping products, there are other means of marketing too. The good news is, they don’t have to break the bank. Why? It’s because they cost less and sometimes free!

Indeed, free marketing is another course that drop shippers with no money can explore. When done the right way, you’ll be able to gain more exposure for your business and drive more traffic towards your website.

Here are 5 free marketing strategies for your dropshipping business.

Create your blog.

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Create a company blog and fill it with useful articles related to your industry that can help you stay connected to your customers and generate new customers. Here are some notable blogging statistics that show how adding a blog to your business can be very beneficial for you:

US internet users are 3x more likely to read blogs than email

60 percent of marketers state that their top inbound marketing priority is creating blog content

346 M people from around the world read blogs

Blog traffic increases by 30% when you have published 21 to 54 blog posts

Run a contest online.

Online contests are still great in getting people’s interest at a cheaper cost. Giveaways like products and cash prizes are an easy way of acquiring some viral potential and improving the image of your brand. The online contest is an effective way of collecting personal data that you can use for email marketing later. This is also an opportunity to get people to spread the word about you to their friends and acquaintances which could result in an increased awareness of your brand and more visitors to your website.

Comment on blogs related to your niche.

Marketing is getting people to notice your brand. One thing to do is to find blogs, preferably top blogs in your niche. Read blog posts and comment on them regularly. When other commenters see your name and the brand you are associated with, and they become familiar with it, chances are they would be curious enough to check you out. With each comment that you make, you are building a continuing brand presence. Therefore make sure that your comments are useful and make sense because their quality can affect people’s perception of your business.

Create a hashtag for your business.

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Hashtags are considered as the billboards of the internet. As hashtags can be used on all major social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook it would be helpful for your business if you create the hashtag that you can use in your social media posts. A hashtag is a searchable add-on of your brand and has the probability of going viral.

Introduce a customer referral program.

Word-of-mouth marketing is a very powerful method of promoting your dropshipping business. Yet it is usually overlooked by small businesses. Nielsen reported that 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations that are coming from family and friends. This shows that this form of marketing is an effective way of getting customers for your business.

Try to offer a customer referral program wherein customers will get something like discounts, free products, or some low-cost reward in exchange for referring your business to other people. You’ll be hitting two birds with this strategy: show appreciation to your customers and earn new customers for your business.


Marketing doesn’t have to cost you lots of money just to get the exposure and traffic that you want to be successful. There are lots of free marketing strategies out there that will only cost you time to implement yet yield amazing results. You can start with these 5 free marketing ideas to find out which ones will work for your dropshipping business. Once you learned which methods are advantageous for your business, you can start putting more and more effort into that marketing strategy.

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