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How to Determine Your Niche in Dropshipping

So you got caught up in the hype storm that is dropshipping, and you’re left with one very pertinent question, what niche within the dropshipping sector do I serve to become profitable? And rightly so as even though a store catering to a wide audience by offering a wide array of products isn’t exactly a bad thing if you’re new to dropshipping you’re more likely to benefit by zooming in on one niche in the dropship industry, and focusing on that at first then expanding your horizons once your store grows in size. But the question remains, how do you go about determining what products you are going to sell through your store, and what assurance do you have that it will live up to its namesake and actually sell?

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Why is a niche store better than a general store?

All dropshippers, whether they are novices to the industry contemplating entry, or a small to medium dropshipping outfit looking to scale up. Have at some point or another reached the proverbial crossroad in which a choice was to be made. The choice of whether they should build a general store that lists a wide array of products similar to Amazon, or rather service a certain niche within the industry such as fashion or sportswear? And although the answer to this is ultimately in your hands, as industry experts here are some sound advice to guide you along the process of making a choice.

Most veteran dropshippers would definitely testify to niche stores being the greatest option for novice dropshippers. This isn’t to throw general stores under the bus, but as mentioned before general stores should remain the purvey of big-time and big-scale dropshippers who can afford to miss out on the branding opportunities and lifetime customers that come with niche stores. So unless you have some very deep pockets for some really colossal marketing campaigns, and stores that have millions upon millions of products on offer, general stores aren’t generally recommended.

But servicing a niche market can prove worth the while if you’re still a bit wet behind the ears when it comes to dropshipping. This is because niche markets are the ones that have viral social media ad campaigns behind them, build a reputation, and brand of repeat customers who frequent their stores more often in search of products as opposed to a general store. Some claim that general stores do well with test products, that you can later sell on your niche store, but we have a simpler way of determining and choosing the best products for your niche that we’ll discuss in detail later on in the article.

Niche stores are also more cost-effective to run and market, compared to general stores, and it always helps to deal in an area your passionate about, as this passion often reflects well in the sales and daily running of your store.

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How to determine what products to sell, and in what niche.

Other than building a store out of a niche that your passionate about, it also helps to list and offer products that sell well within the market you choose to operate in, and to accomplish this you’re going to need product data, which is where a resource such as Product Mafia proves to be invaluable. We list new products every day in every niche you can imagine, for your viewing leisure. And with each product comes a detailed analysis and stat sheet designed to make your choice of a product to sell a lot easier, informed, and not least of all profitable.

Each product listed on Product Mafia has with it an in-depth profit and selling price on display, Facebook engagement scores that include- views, comments, and likes. Links to suppliers such as Aliexpress, along with data such as seller score on Aliexpress too, examples of Ad copy’s, target audience details, and even a list of influencers suitable to market your product. This saves you both time, and money in research costs, and gives you access to the premiere product research site on the internet right now. If your new to dropshipping its recommended that you sign up and browse Product Mafias products on selection for free at no additional cost to you, or if you’re a veteran in the industry that you register for a premium membership that’ll give you the privilege of viewing items suited to your level of engagement within the industry.

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What niche should you service?

To become competitive in the world of dropshipping it helps to follow certain caveats to avoid failure, with the most important ones being:

  1. Avoid oversaturated niches that offer too much competition, or those that already contain a large share of the market of a certain niche. Since niches are built around a loyal and repetitive consumer base it wouldn’t be wise to develop your path of entry into the dropshipping industry off one of these already flooded niche categories.
  2. Look to service a niche category that is largely ignored by the bigger players in the industry. This way you can develop a large audience around certain products with the little-to-no competition, this gives you greater opportunities to launch viral ad campaigns and brand the image of your store a lot better.
  3. Be specific when developing your niche. Avoid servicing a niche that is already established with billions of customers making purchasers within it per year. Instead, look to offer novelty items in certain niches to offer customers something that they won’t find anywhere else. Take for example the book niche, which is a highly oversaturated niche within the dropshipping industry, yet you can make your store more competitive by offering novelty book items found nowhere else on the internet such as
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Identify products with repeat value for your customers

The niche market within dropshipping is one that is built on the foundation of a loyal support base, and high numbers of traffic, which is why it is so important to build your inventory of products on items that your customers are likely to purchase more than once. There are instances where once-off online orders are better for a store, but if the majority of the products you have on offer hover in the area where profits are small, having a repetitive customer base is more feasible for your business in the long term.

Try choosing products that your customers will need to buy again, and use white labeling opportunities to build a brand image adjacent to that of your store to gain loyal customers. Party supplies, clothing, and cosmetics are good examples of the kind of products customers will need on a continuous basis.

Use remarketing campaigns to target people who have purchased an item through your store, and follow up with personalized emails that will create a relationship between you and your customer, ensuring they return for more purchases in the future. Long-term customers on average prove to be more lucrative to a niche-based dropshipping site than once-off customers in the same category.

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Know your marketing channels

Simply selling products in your store isn’t enough to see you get continued sales. To provide staying power for your store you need to develop a strategic marketing plan. You need to have a plan for how you’ll sell your products.

With a solid marketing strategy in place, you will learn that selling products becomes easier. It is one of the best ways to stand out in a sea of competition, which is why it is vital that you familiarize yourself with the many marketing channels available to the dropshipping industry should you hope to move your business forward in the field.

Always remember that different products will have different rates of success on different marketing channels. It is up to you and the resources at hand to determine which product works best in which marketing space and then capitalize on it.

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Follow the trends

If you plan on using Google Ads to market any of your products’s then it comes recommended that you familiarize yourself with Keyword tools and Google Trends. These help you identify products that are trending, and from this data, you can determine the demand for your product ideas with these tools. Alongside the resources found on Product Mafia, two other tools that we’d recommend you utilize in discerning trendy products from one’s with a high potential for failure is Google Keywords Analysis tool and Google Trends respectively.

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Google Keywords Analysis tool

This is an excellent resource to use prior to the launch of an ad campaign through Google Ad services. It is designed to give users information on how competitive keywords are at the specific time in which they are queried. This will give you a general idea of the competition your up against when it comes to the products you have on offer at your store. It is also important to remember that the more competitive a keyword is, the greater its charge when used in a Google Ad campaign, making Google Keyword Analysis a great utility when it comes to formulating a budget around your Ad.

Google Trends

This is a resource that helps you gauge the current trends on the internet as far as your products are related. Displaying a multitude of useful data on everything from trend patterns mapped out over a chart that documents months and popularity score. To the countries and regions in which it is popular. It gives you an invaluable insight into consumer trends and thinking over time, helping you choose the perfect launch time, and targeted ad campaigns for your products.

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Make sure your stars align

A lot of products within the dropshipping industry are subject to seasonality, which can be misleading to the untrained eye. You may often come across a product that tests well for consumer interaction and engagement at one time, only to observe it perform poorly the next. This is due to the seasonal value of some items in the dropshipping industry, which to be frank aren’t hard to spot, and although it is possible to see an incredible sales run on the back of some seasonal products, it does one well to remember that such profit margins are tangent, and will dissipate with the season in which they are popular.

It is for this reason that once a niche has been established you should focus your primary attention on products with an all-round value, and include seasonal products within that niche for some optimal sales performance throughout the year. Product Mafia adds new products to its catalog on a daily basis, selecting only the most popular in its specific category, determined by rigorous criteria of popularity and selling scores. So it’s possible to house only the best of certain niches products on a daily basis through the Product Mafia portal.

At this point, you should have a clear and concise idea of the niche you want your store to service, alongside some of the best tools available on the internet to do so, which is what we strive for in all our endeavors at Product Mafia. If you found this or any other article on our site useful in your journey to dropshipping godhood, feel free to signup and register for more content, news, and the very best of products in every niche imaginable off a single resource on the internet. This is why we rank No1 in each consecutive year that we’ve been operational, as the biggest product research site on the internet.




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