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How to get an Aliexpress test product shipped faster!

Dropshipping is one of the only businesses around today that give entrepreneurs the opportunity to enter into the market at a low investment. Keeping in the spirit of this motto, we have decided to compile an article on how to get your Aliexpress test products shipped faster, without breaking the bank while doing so!

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Speeding up the shipping process

The recipe for a successful dropshipping business is a universal one, and it can be found in a common feature that all successful dropshipping businesses share. That universal trait is excellent customer service, and the bulk of good customer service comes from the delivery service your dropshipping business offers. Customers expect fast, reliable delivery on the products they order, and delivering late on products is a surefire way to build a bad name around your business, a central factor in the downfall of dropshipping stores the world over. As a business in which your customer base is its very foundation, a loss of trust results in a loss of credibility, and once you lose your credibility, the organic traffic and thereby extension sales of your shop stagnates leaving you and your dropshipping business running at a loss, and on the eventual path to failure.

To avoid doom in your dropshipping business, fast delivery times are an essential must, and since Aliexpress is the premier supplier of goods that service every niche of the dropshipping industry, we will show you how to increase the delivery time of the products ordered through your site to help you ensure your customers are always satisfied and your bank accounts never empty!

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The biggest problem with conventional shipping, especially if you’re looking to ship a test product in the early stages of your dropshipping business, is cost and time. Conventional postal service deliveries or international shipping rates are notoriously expensive, with shipping times sometimes taking months on end. This poses a serious threat to dropshipping businesses, especially if you’re starting out, and need all the credibility and customer service your business can muster. Fortunately for you, if you use Aliexpress to source your items there is a solution that kills two birds with one stone, and that’s ePacket.

What is ePacket?

ePacket is a shipping option from third-party logistics providers based in China and Hong Kong. It gives merchants the chance to get fast and affordable shipping options for light packages. It began as a quick and affordable shipping solution for Chinese and Hong Kong merchants looking to ship items to the US. It has since expanded and is now operational in more than 40 countries. ePacket only handles the delivery of items as far as customs, domestic delivery within the 40 countries its services are handled by that countries federal delivery system. ePackets officially became a global phenomenon in 2011, when the United States Postal Service formally announced ePacket as a new shipping option to all US citizens. This allowed packages from China and Hong Kong to receive USPS First Class service along with delivery confirmation. Before ePacket products were notoriously long in being shipped.

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Why ePacket is the best option for test product shipping on Aliexpress

Most dropshippers recoup the expensive costs of dropshipping through bulk sales and orders, but that isn’t possible if your new to dropshipping, and haven’t built the customer base and audience of a more established dropshipping company yet. If you’re looking to have a test product shipped to you there honestly isn’t a better or cheaper option than ePackets. Each countries postal service has its own requirements when it comes to a package, for this example we will use the USPS. The maximum length of a product that they can ship with ePacket is 24 inches, with the total length, height, and thickness of the package not exceeding 36 inches. Additionally, to have your ePacket delivered, the package cannot weigh more than 4.4 pounds, and the item being shipped cannot exceed a value of $400.

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Another feature of ePacket that makes it perfect for the shipping of your test product on Aliexpress, is its tracking system. All items shipped with ePacket come with end-to-end tracking at no additional cost to you, letting you know the location of your package at all times as it makes its way to you. You can monitor and locate your package on Aliexpress by viewing the order details which generally show you the status of the package. An extra bonus is that any undeliverable mail is returned free of charge, meaning refunding any customer that hasn’t gotten their products will be easy in the future once your dropshipping business grows.

Order and ePacket tracking give you the comfort of knowing where your test product is at all times, and the assurance that should something go wrong along the way, it will be at no cost to you whatsoever.

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Delivery of your test product

The delivery of your test product via ePacket is done by a select few. The carrier in China or Hong Kong delivers your Aliexpress package to the border, and from there, an international carrier takes it to its destination, with that destination being you. You will receive your Aliexpress test product for your dropshipping site within 10–15 days depending on where you stay, or your customers for future reference.

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Ensuring its ePacket on Aliexpress

To ensure your test product on Aliexpress is being shipped via ePacket, go to your orders menu and click on view detail. When looking under Logistics Information, the shipping method used will be under International Shipping Company. It will display ePacket along with a tracking number if your package was shipped using ePacket.

It is the most consistent option if you’re looking to ship a test product through Aliexpress, as it generally comes as a free or inexpensive shipping option and one that’s the most reliable when compared with its competitors.


Getting your test product on Aliexpress shipped faster to you is something that is realized via ePacket, and not only is it fast, reliable, and assured compared to its competitors. Using it in the testing phase of your dropshipping website can leave you with a great tool for customer deliveries once your store goes live. One that ensures for them a high rate of reliability, the possibility of free delivery, and a no-hassle refund for both you and your customers, once you move past the testing phase and go live with your dropshipping store.



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