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Everyone appreciates a freebie every now and then, and the dropshipping industry is no exception. With ad campaigns making up a good portion of a dropshippers monthly expenses, an opportunity to save on some of those expenses in a month comes as a welcome reprieve. This is why we have listed some of the best places to get FREE ad credit on the internet for your store today:

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Shopify has been proving itself as a great resource for the dropshipping community for a while now, and alongside many great deals and offers specially tailored to help entrepreneurs in their journey to becoming dropshipping millionaires and moguls is $100 free Google Ads credit to help you reach out to a wider audience and market. All you have to do to claim yours is become a new Shopify store owner (You get $100 Free Adwords credit for every store you open with Shopify.) and claim your free Adwords credit voucher upon the completion of your site. Unfortunately, this special offer isn’t marketed directly to Shopify users so it often goes unclaimed, leaving you without a well needed $100 savings in your initial ad budget, but now that you’ve become privy to this information here’s how you can get yours with every new Shopify store that you open:

  1. Login to Shopify
  2. Go to the Discounts menu
  3. Scroll all the way to the footer
  4. Click on the Claim your Google Adwords Coupon
  5. Copy the promo code that appears
  6. Login to Adwords
  7. Click on the wrench icon
  8. Under SETUP, click on Billing & payments
  9. Click on Settings on the left-hand menu
  10. Scroll to the bottom where it says Promotional codes
  11. Click on Manage Promotional Codes
  12. Paste the copied promo code and click Apply

And viola $100 in Google ad credit is yours! This giveaway is especially useful if you open up a lot of stores on Shopify, as each new store you open has a redeemable $100 Adwords promo credit, which you can invest in a single or multiple ad campaigns, whatever picks your fancy. Some who have made use of the $100 free ad credit attest to getting $600 worth of sales in return, which isn’t even something out of the ordinary if you have a good marketing plan to spend that $100 on. So it’s definitely worth looking into if you’re planning on opening a new store with Shopify anytime soon.

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Unlike the first entry in this list, Facebook Ad credits are a bit tricky as there isn’t a set or clear cut method of getting them. Instead, certain actions and hacks may grant you a free ad coupon or a voucher that will cover half of your advertising costs on Facebook or Instagram. These actions are often pecuniary in nature so you’ll be needing a fixed amount of money to start your ad campaign in order to elicit the free ad credits from Facebook in the first place.

  1. Is the Trojan Horse Method. You simply sign up for an ad account on Facebook then leave it inactive by not using it, and after a few days, you’ll get a response from an Ad Manager awarding you $50 worth of ad credit.
  2. Sign up with one of the many online retailers who deal in eCommerce and online advertising solutions who have affiliate accounts that will provide a $50 Facebook ads promo credit with each referral,, is a great online resource to discover not only the latest Facebook ad credits on offer but a number of other promo deals and discounts related to dropshipping.
  3. Wait for the occasional emails that Facebook sends to those who market through their platforms. Which often come accompanied by ad coupons to encourage further advertising through their platforms.

Facebook used to give out free ad credits to first-time users of Facebook or Instagram ads to the tune of anywhere between $15-$20, but they ceased this practice after recipients of these coupons would flood the internet, reselling the coupons at a profit. Another note of warning to look out for when searching the internet for free Facebook ad credits is the multitude of sites claiming to offer Facebook ad coupons via specialized links, only to take you to a course they offer that’s twice the amount of the coupon promised. If it’s not a coupon from Facebook or a trusted, well-known online vendor it's best to steer clear of their claims of a free $250 coupon lest you be dupped out of twice that amount for what will turn out to be useless garbage and utter waste of time.

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Bing/Yahoo Ads

Bing might not be as big of a search engine as the likes of Google, but it does well in its own right positioning itself as the third-largest search engine in the world, with 30% of searches carried out in America using Bing. As I’m sure you’re well aware is the mecca of dropshipping consumers, and according to a study by the Regional Sales Director at Microsoft, Bing when compared to Google has a more focused audience in comparison to Google's audience who use Google for research purposes primarily. According to the study:

  1. Searches on Bing have a higher spend on average of about 25% when compared to Google
  2. 1/3 of all Bing Ads are shown to an audience with an income greater than $100 000
  3. Bing had 55 million retail-related searches that were not found on Google
  4. Bing caters to an older more financially stable audience than Google, who are on average between the ages of 35–64

If your niche within the dropshipping industry caters to such an audience, or you're looking for a greater return on ad spend than you’d generally get from using Google then you should consider Bing as an option. You’ll be granted $100 worth of free advertising for every $25 in ad credit that you spend.

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If you’re looking into starting a new store with and you want to get some bang for your buck while doing so, then you should look into using, a web hosting company to host your site. If you do, you’ll get $200 in free ad credit to use on either Google or Bing at your discretion.

No matter the standing of your dropshipping business chances are you could do with some free ad credit to save you money with your ad campaigns, or a good discount to carry the message of your products all over the web, at a premium price. This is why the appeal of articles pointing you in the direction of some good ad credit deals is never lost on the dropshipping community at large.



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