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Top 10 bestselling Halloween products for your dropshipping store

The witching season is upon us and with it all its festive wears and culinary delights. Festive occasions and holiday events present drop shippers with the rare opportunity of cashing in on the festivities by catering to festive occasions such as Halloween through specialized items and merchandise specific to the occasion. Halloween may count itself as a short-lived festivity, but having the right products that cater specifically for the witching hour can leave your dropshipping store with long term profits, enough even to last you till the next Halloween comes along. This is exactly what we had in mind when we sourced 10 of the best products for Halloween for your dropshipping store, guaranteed to put a spell on your customers and leave them mesmerized.

1. Cosplay Halloween Old Woman Mask

Constructed from platinum grade silicone rubber to ensure the masks do not pose a health risk to your customers. Built to Hollywood FHX photorealistic standards, with 4-way stretch fabric in strategic areas to ensure industrial-grade durability whilst never compromising on flexibility and movement. The Cosplay Halloween Old Woman Mask is a vital addition to any dropshipping store that prides itself on the highest quality standards for its customers, and an in house reputation to match. With a profit margin of $31.25, and 90% percent of Halloween related queries on Google done on silicone Halloween masks as the search topic. This is an item guaranteed to put a hex on your customers this Halloween!

Photo by Josiah Lewis on Unsplash

2. Blood Bath Mat

An item that’s sure to be a best seller for your store this Halloween. Take your customers down memory lane with this gory novelty item that’ll make your customers feel like they’re characters in a Hitchcock movie every time they step into the shower. A world-first the Blood Bath Mat with its patented technology reacts to water leaving behind a bloody footprint every time your customers step on it. Perfect for marketing as an entertainment device for your customer's Halloween parties with the added benefit of acting as an island of relief to bare feet on hard cold floor tiles. Brand this item in your dropshipping stores brand image through white-labeling, and cater to an already made Facebook audience of 2.5 million people. With a 100% seller score on Aliexpress and a perfect 5/5 product score. This product already has all the magic to sell, all it needs is your store to complete its spell.

Photo by Марьян Блан | @marjanblan on Unsplash

3. Halloween Witch Decoration

The perfect Halloween decoration for your customers. This is the perfect item to cater to the hordes of online consumers looking for the perfect items to add ambiance to their Halloween parties or out-do their neighbors in a competition of spookiness. All things spooky and macabre are currently trending on search engine queries with Halloween decorations leading the pack with it being at its peak popularity right now! Especially in the United States. A facebook engagement of 773 K views, and an audience that includes the majority of America right now. This is one hype train you and your dropshipping store do not want to miss out on!

Photo by Bellava G on Unsplash

4. Spikes Full Face Mask

A crowd favorite guaranteed to be a hit with customers looking to stand out at Halloween parties all over the world this Halloween season, which is probably 99.9% of your clientele. Appeal to the horror movie buff inside your customers and have your customers dressed up like pinhead this Halloween. Handmade from the highest quality rivets, the mask features a see-through mesh and anti-stab technology for consumer safety. With profit margins of $30.77, 982 K views on Facebook, and excellent branding opportunities through white-labeling, this is an easy sell for your dropship store.

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

5. Angel Devil Big Wings

Another smash hit for your party going customers, and the many Halloween get together’s they’ll be throwing this Halloween. Set yourself up as the go-to destination on the internet for all your customers Halloween related needs, with the Angel Devil Big Wings guaranteed to increase your traffic by the bucketload. You’ll swear it's witchcraft when you see how well this item will sell in your store. With a Facebook viewership of 936 K people, a 97% seller score on Aliexpress. This product has our official hex of increased sales volumes and a larger consumer base.

Photo by Duncan Sanchez on Unsplash

6. 4D Anatomical Model of Human Organs

A double whammy for your customers, the 4D Anatomical Model of Human Organs can be marketed to your customers as the perfect decoration for their Halloween house parties and act as an item of lasting value as an educational aid thereafter. Saving your customers money in the long term, teaching them a thing or two about anatomy, and making their Halloween party one for the ages. Macabre and creepy but academically true to human physiology, it is constructed from PVC and seated on a plastic arch, measuring in at 20 inches. A PROFIT MARGIN OF $66.99 AND 1.2 Million views on Facebook. The crystal ball is telling us you have a bestseller on your hands.

Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

7. Dog Deadly Doll Costume

Increase the size of your clientele this Halloween by selling an item that allows their pets to join in on the Halloween festivities. Consisting of a wig, simulation knife, and costume specifically designed with consumer pets in mind. A soft, durable, and easy to wash the fabric, designed to keep customer pets warm and cozy in cold temperatures, and aerated and cool in the heat. An incredible 98% seller score on Aliexpress acts as an indication of the gratitude your customers will help upon your store for including their best friends in the spooky festivities, gratitude that is sure to reflect well in your bank account, and stores traffic.

Photo by Gabe Pierce on Unsplash

8. Inflatable Alien Costume

Adding a cosmic twist to your customer’s Halloween plans, the Inflatable Alien Costume is constructed from 100% polyester material to ensure strength and durability. And a premium power source that inflates the costume within seconds of it being activated. Your sure to have a very grateful customer base for such a unique offering. One that is sure to keep you smiling with profit margins of $16.96, 194 K views on Facebook, and a 98% seller score on Aliexpress.

Photo by fotografierende on Unsplash

9. Skull Shoulder Bag

Keeping up with a theme of all things spooky here’s a fashion accessory that is sure to be a hit with consumers on Halloween. 100% handmade from vegan PU leather and polyester, the Skull Shoulder Bag has room enough inside it for all your customer’s essentials from phones to water bottles. 1.1 Million Facebook views, 100% seller score, and equally impressive Aliexpress product score. The whole world is already enchanted by this product, now it’s up to your store to capitalize on the spell.

Photo by Kerim Sarı on Unsplash

10. Giant Human Balloon

A must-have quirky addition to your Halloween catalog! Appeal to the child in your customer’s hearts with this item that acts as both a unique Halloween costume and the perfect entertainment at customer Halloween parties. Extremely versatile and compact the Giant Human Balloon measures in at 52cm, when it is in its rest state and not inflated, and a 240 g weight to match. It inflates to 3000 liter’s, around 3 cubic meters in a matter of seconds, and is super durable and safe for your customers, having been constructed from the highest grade of natural latex, tripled dipped for guaranteed endurance. A 100% seller score on Aliexpress, 162 K views on Facebook, $10.19 profit margins, and balloons nearing their peak as a queried search item on Google. This is the perfect item to leave your customers bewitched this Halloween season.

Photo by Stephanie Klepacki on Unsplash


Festive occasions such as Halloween come once a year and with it, the chance for profit margins for your dropshipping site quadruple your daily average, but to sell you need the right products, and as usual Product Mafia has you covered. We do the research, so you can focus your efforts on sales, and with the magic of Halloween about in the air, consider us your good omen helping you stock up on the very best for your store so the customers can come in droves this Halloween night.




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