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Why Build Social Media Presence for Your Dropshipping Business?

Acquiring customers for a dropshipping business will take time and money. You have to make your presence known to the people out there. With so many dropshipping businesses vying for consumers’ attention everyone is using different marketing strategies to engage their target audiences and convince them to visit their stores. In these times when more and more people are using social media to get ideas for almost everything, they do in life, running ads to get attention for your business may not be enough.

Social media is where businesses will focus their customer service according to marketing projections. Ninety percent of businesses will utilize either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platforms to interact with their customers and provide assistance to the latter’s queries and concerns about products and services. To a drop shipper who wants to grow a business and gain loyal customers, building a social media presence for your dropshipping business is something you should focus on.

The Importance of Social Media for Your Dropshipping Business

Consumers will spend 20 to 40 percent more on businesses that they have engaged on social media. If you haven’t build a strong social media presence yet for your dropshipping business, you’re losing the great opportunity of developing awareness for your brand, driving traffic to your store, and generating sales from there.

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If you think that creating social media profiles and posting a few images and videos is enough to create social media presence then think again. Consumers want to see engaging content on social media. With so many dropshipping businesses out there with the same products as yours that are presented more creatively, why would they waste time on your social media much more than your store?

Decades after the introduction of social media to people’s lives, this method of communication remains a powerful driver of traffic to websites including e-commerce sites. As the volume of activity on various social media sites continues to increase every year, it only shows that driving traffic from social media is still a viable strategy. Social media users are projected to grow to 3.1 billion in 2021 which means a huge market just waiting for you to tap on.

Having a social media presence for your dropshipping business can help you achieve the following goals:

  1. Reach more people to boost the chance that the right people will see your brand.
  2. Draw interest in your products and convince people to check your website.
  3. Turn followers into leads and nurture them on social media with engaging content that can, later on, convert them into customers.
  4. Acquire sales from paying customers that were taken to your site via your social media efforts.
  5. Build loyal followers that are interested in the products you sell and can tell others about them and your content.
  6. Build social proof with the help of testimonials and content generated by your customers that positively shows your brand.
  7. Provide outright customer service by responding to questions and complaints of the customers on social media.

What Social Media Channels Should You Prioritize?

Social media is a significant tool for marketing your dropshipping products. However, this doesn’t mean that you create profiles on all social media channels to capture all the traffic you can get from them. Every channel has its strengths and treating them similarly will not be helpful to your business. You can also get overwhelmed in creating different content formats, content sizes, and captions as well as the different posting schedules that work best with each channel.

When starting in social media, you must choose only the platforms that you can manage well and those that support your content forms and goals. There are several social platforms out there yet not all of them can yield the results you need for your dropshipping business –and that’s more profits. These three channels will be more profitable for your marketing efforts than others.


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Using Instagram as a channel for marketing your products will let you post images and videos which can be discovered by users with the help of hashtags. You can get good results with this platform even without paying for ads or collaborating with influencers. More or less half of Instagram users are millennials which is something you have to consider if your targeting older customers. Instagram has more engaged followers and influencers than other social media sites.


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One of the few social media channels that are designed for businesses including dropshipping, Facebook enables the posting of reviews directly on the page. Like Instagram, customers can directly message you there to provide customer service. However, reaching more people is not possible without promoting your posts. It’s a great platform to run ads because Facebook has a database of information that you can access to convey targeted ads to your desired customers.


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Often confused as a social media site, Pinterest is a search engine like Google. It allows people to find images, videos, and GIFs and save them on the platform for other users looking for products to buy, fashion inspiration, tutorials, and more. Users who come to Pinterest are more ready to buy than those users on other social platforms. Seventy percent of Pinterest users are women who can dispense money into a product anytime they want. If your dropshipping business is in the home decor, handcrafts, or fashion niche, Pinterest is a great source for organic and paid traffic.

Key Takeaway

A dropshipping business needs to have a social media presence to grow. People need to see the value in your social media posts for them to be interested enough to check your website. Social media serves as the storefront of your dropshipping business. This is where you have to compete with other drop shippers for consumers’ attention which is why you have to come up with more creative and unique content than your competitors to catch their interest and give you a second look. You have to draw people in to see what you are selling. Only when they find something interesting in your social media posts that they will visit your website. Populate your social media pages with relevant and engaging content to get great results in using social media channels to market your dropshipping products.

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