Mobile Meetup

Date: 15 March

(This was a panel-style event so the format was 1 question + multiple answers from the panelists)

Speakers from Kenshoo (marketing technology), Amplitude (web and mobile analytics), Workflow, Pocket (save stories), Iterable (growth marketing platform), 8Tracks (make & discover music playlists), Vango Art (find original art)

Q: What is their favorite feature that they’ve recently pushed out?

  • Switched from newsletter to personalized recommendations
  • One click button to add to Pocket on Firefox
  • Eaze - find out who is delivering medical marijuana near you
  • Push notifications when an upload or sale happens from an artist you follow (FOMO- Vango)

Q: What is the difference between desktop & mobile for your web traffic?

Panelists agreed: 50/50 split between desktop & mobile

Q: What is a tip you’d advise for push notifications?

We had a lot of things we wanted to say but didn’t pay attention to WHEN to say them to our users

Q: What is a tip you’d advise for A/B Testing?

  • Tools they like: Mixpanel, Sixpack, also sendwithus (for email testing)
  • Lots of nonintuitive changes made a difference!
  • It’s very hard to prioritize A/B testing because you have such a long list of features you want to push out, but you SHOULD be doing it
  • Hardest thing is to determine what is worth testing

Q: What is a tip you’d advise for managing/dealing with User reviews for apps?

Sometimes you have to accept 1 & 2 star ratings when you make legal updates to your app

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