Women in Tech Day

Date: 8 March

Clare Liguori, AWS DevOps

What is DevOps?

  • Cultural philosophy + practices + tools
  • Speeding up the loop from customers to developers & developers to customers

Amazon’s engineering team structure

  • Previously Amazon.com was a single application
  • Now there are many single-purpose micro services (ex: one-click team, buy now button team, add to cart button team)
  • They connect through APIs between teams
  • “2 pizza teams” —(team should be small enough that 2 pizzas is enough to feed everyone) each have full ownership, full accountability, aligned incentives
  • Before you go to production, you have to prove: operational readiness, metrics you are monitoring, crash/failure plan
  • Continuous deployments ~50MM per year!!

Shobana Radhakrishnan — Director of Engineering at Roku

Estelle Hong — Technical Assistant at Intel, Military

Both Shobana & Estelle told inspiring stories about people and experiences in their lives that had influenced them & led them to take on and succeed amidst challenges!

We had breakouts at the end of the talks when we could meet in small groups with the speakers. I met with Shobana and it was a fascinating discussion of women in the workplace, girls’ education, and other topics.

Edith Harbaugh- CEO of Launch Darkly @edith_h

Her opening line:

“I hope you all sitting in the audience will think: ‘She’s really ordinary…so, I can do that too!’ ”

Has been engineer, product manager, product marketer, founder — thought they were all easy… until she tried them

Figure out what is the worst that can happen in 2 years?

Edith was the funniest & down to earth speaker of the night. I definitely thought that if she could be an engineer, product manager, product marketer, and CEO, I could too! She wasn’t terribly polished, but each anecdote served a purpose.

Poornima Vijayashanker- founder at FemGineer @poornima

Recommended that women speak up at work. All the time. (I already used this one with one of my junior coworkers)

Although she didn’t feel like an expert at the time (was the first engineer at Mint), she started talking among her peers about whatever she DID know. Turns out, people wanted to listen!

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