Product Management 101 — Crash Course in Product Management (Introduction)

If you are visiting this page, there are chances you might be seeking answer to one of the following questions –

  1. Having completed my formal education, how do I start my career in Product Management?
  2. Coming from a non-related industry, how do I break into Product Management?
  3. Being a Tech developer, how do I transition into a Product Manager role?
  4. I’m an entrepreneur; however, I lack any relevant experience to manage/scale my product. How do I learn the necessary traits of Product Management?
  5. I am an accidental Product Manager. How do I become a better Product Manager?

If any of the above questions is something that’s on top of your mind, then worry not!

I (LinkedIn profile) was in a very similar situation a few years ago, when I co-founded a Tech Startup and was managing the product. Or further, when I decided to move into a Product Management role in a larger corporate.

With little to no experience/knowledge about Product Management, I had to scavenge through huge amount of scattered resources across the web and talk to countless Product Managers to understand the nuances of the domain.

However, what I felt was lacking everywhere was –

  • Structured approach to learning
  • Enough Hands on or Live examples about the concept
  • No guidance on what resources I should refer

Throughout the course of time, I saw the problem resonating with so many people.

To close this knowledge gap, I thought it would be a good idea to develop a platform to provide resources for people looking to learn Product Management.

To start with, I wrote this handbook “Product Management 101”. It provides easy & step-by-step guide that acts as a Crash Course for anyone (Beginner or Expert)

Anyone can easily go through this Free Product Management Training and aspire to become a PM.

The content of the handbook is designed to be brief yet comprehensive and has taken inspiration from curated sources that include Expert Blogs, Handbooks, interaction with PMs and our on-job learning as a Product Professional.

Following are the link to the chapters (updated as I publish them) —

Chapter 1: What is Product Management

Chapter 2: Market Understanding & Finding Product-Market Fit

Chapter 3 : How to conduct User Research

Chapter 4: Developing User Personas & Journey Mapping

Chapter 5: Creating Unique Value Prop

Chapter 6: How to Define MVP

Chapter 7: Writing User Stories

Chapter 8: How to Test & Validate MVP

Chapter 9: Fundamentals of Design

Chapter 10: How to run Design Sprint

Chapter 11: What is Usability & Conducting Usability Testing

Chapter 12: How to develop a Product Roadmap

Chapter 13: PRD & Product Backlog

Chapter 14: Feature Prioritization Techniques

Chapter 15: Managing Product Development

Chapter 16: Product Metrics — What to measure

Chapter 17: Developing Product Growth Model

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