Why visual prototypes are indispensable to product owners

Visual prototypes can be hugely valuable for product owners in a agile team. Not only can they help to communicate the design concepts that are being discussed in the team, but they can also help to test out the viability of potential user interfaces and design patterns. By creating visual prototypes in an agile team, the product owner can ensure that their ideas are communicated effectively and that their designs are tested before they are implemented in the software development cycle.

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“Prototyping means to create a landing strip for the future you want to create, and to build something that allows you to explore an emerging idea or concept by doing something.” — Otto Scharmer



This publications aims to explore the ins and outs of the role of the product owner in digital innovation and transformation.

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Dennis Hambeukers

Design Thinker, Agile Evangelist, Practical Strategist, Creativity Facilitator, Business Artist, Corporate Rebel, Product Owner