Justin Jackson
Dec 14, 2016 · 1 min read

It’s cool to see how Product People played a small part in people like Ryan Hoover and Hiten Shah meeting up.

When I started the podcast, that was my dream: that listeners would see the humans behind the product.

Personally, I’m interested in how products connect people. For years I’ve used Path to interact with my family back home. I’ve met many friends through Slack chats. I watched a documentary by LEVI on Vimeo, and we ended up hanging out in person a few months later.

The things we make can create a connection.

It’s a good reminder to keep making things. Whether we’re writing code, publishing blog posts, or recording podcasts, our work can foster meaningful relationships.

Friendships forged on a platform can outlast the platform itself. To me, that’s worth investing in.

Justin Jackson

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