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Start small

What’s one thing you could do to help people right now?

My friend Andrew got his start by making coffee for friends at home.

Andrew’s coffee shop (Ratio Cofee & Pastry) in Vernon, BC

Build something small, and sell it for $1.

“If you can get anyone to show up and pay you $1, you’ve made it on the internet.” — Dan Martell

“Starting small puts 100% of your energy into solving real problems for real people.”

Making and selling things is actually quite hard. You can’t just show up and win; you need to ramp up slowly. My buddy Matthew Crist says it’s like people who decide to run a marathon. Marathoners don’t just show up on race day and run 26 miles. They start small, probably with 5 miles. Even 5 mile runs require a training schedule; a gradual ramping up. Running a marathon means lots of practice before the big race.

Ingvar’s story

One of my favourite stories, is of a man named Ingvar Kamprad. He started practicing sales young: he would go door to door on his bicycle, and sell matches to his neighbours.



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