Why Build Products?

Given the choice to work more after a long day or watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones, most will pick the later. Some, however, do not. They instead choose to build. They write, they edit, they draw, they code, they imagine. Why?

Inside most Product People there’s this need to create. A desire to hone our craft. To make something from seemingly nothing. Profit is always a nice goal, but timelines aren’t strict.

Doing things right is more important than deadlines.

Others come to product from a pure profit mindset. They can still be successful product makers, but the road will be less fulfilling.

Part of sculpting your products is how your products sculpt the maker. How have you changed? What have you learned?

With Kwoosh we’re pouring everything we’ve learned about software into it. Over 30 collective years of tinkering, making and testing things out. And while profit is a destination on our road map, it’s not the destination.

First and foremost our goal is the build a useful product that helps us and our customers make better software. Once we can do that, we are confident we can find profit.

In the end, profit may mean we only made $2–3 an hour when bootstrapping, but we march forward. We dream. We build. We create. We are Product People

Our goal is to help customers build better software products and want to help you start the year off strong. Tell us what you’re building @Kwoosh and follow along as we’re building Kwoosh.