Learning Communities for a Product Person in South East Asia (and beyond)

A brief look at Agile, User Experience, Product and Technical Communities to learn from in South East Asia (past and future)

Michael Ong
Oct 4, 2018 · 3 min read

“The goal of any business is to add value for its customers, to make their lives a little bit better or a little bit easier. But your product isn’t just defined as the final output — an app, a piece of merchandise, or a backend platform. Your product is the sum of every experience and touch point that a customer has with your company. As a result, “every person at our company is a product person.””

Kyle Wong — Why every person at your company is a product person

As a product person, there are many topics to get familiar with as you try to improve the experience of the products or services under your care.

Trying to chart out an individual learning plan as you equip yourself with different skills can be confusing with a myriad of options today from online learning, courses and conversations in communities for support and growth.

As you broaden your horizons to work in different markets In South East Asia (SEA), there will be even more options for learning which requires a fair bit of time to understand.

Image credit : https://aseanup.com/free-maps-asean-southeast-asia/

Here is a brief history of the different community groups, their themes and the people who founded them to help you design and plan your community interactions in each country and perhaps even in all of SEA one day.

Check out this document for a detailed history of Agile, UX, Product and Technical Communities to learn from in South East Asia (2006 to present)

** This document will be continually updated with more information as we interact with different communities. Leave a comment if you like to add or edit information!

There are a few interesting events coming up towards end 2018 and 2019 that might fit your learning goals as a product person.

UXID 2018 (4–5 Oct 2018)
Learn • Participate • Connect
Learn from the most influential speakers in the industry and grow to become the agent of change, that will bring better products and services, for the future of Indonesia.

Leading the Product Melbourne and Sydney (18–19 Oct 2018)
Personal Development | Thought Leadership | Your Product Management Community

Product Tonic Unconference (Online) (31 Oct 2018)
Theme: This is part of a series of initiatives from conversations with #ProdMgmt community organisers from [ #ProductBeer #PMHuddle #ProductTank (Singapore, Jakarta & Bangkok) #ProductPH #LTPConf]

Bringing the community online to bridge the conversations

Agile Vietnam 2018 (17–18 Nov 2018)
Learn, Un-Learn, Re-Learn

UXHK 2019 (15–16 Feb 2019)
User Experience Hong Kong (UXHK) is a learning event dedicated to bringing all product and service design disciplines together, from research, marketing, design, technology and the business to name a few, who are interested and passionate about designing great experiences for people and business for a better world for all.

UXTH 2019 (23–24 Feb 2019)

Mind the Product Singapore (25–26 Mar 2018)
Mind the Product (#mtpcon) is the product management conference where we bring together product leaders from around the world to explore the intersection of design, technology, and business — inspiring you to build better products.

Product Team Tonic Retreat 2019 @ Taiwan (18–20 April 2019)
A rising tide lifts all boats — a dialogue among Product Leaders in South East Asia would help co-create a program for community initiatives and raise the quality of Product Management in the industry.

The Theme for the Retreat:

Let’s chat about your experience in building Product Communities and how might we Design Communities to forge meaningful relationships.

** Last update on 4th October 2018

We hope you find this a useful resource and bookmark it for updates.
Share your learning plan as a product person with us in the comments!

Product Team Tonic

Michael Ong

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Community Builder + Facilitator, Trainer & Coach for Individuals & Product teams to thrive in work & (serious) play AND Professional Leisure Cyclist

Product Team Tonic

This is series of ongoing conversations with #ProdMgmt community organisers from [ #ProductBeer #PMHuddle (Malaysia) #ProductTank (Singapore, Jakarta & Bangkok) #ProductPH (Philippines) #LTPConf (Australia)] + Product Gin & Tonic Retreat 2018 participants

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