About Product Warrior

Product Warrior is dedicated to helping product managers. We share a weekly podcast and aim to entertain by sharing interesting learnings and ideas. We hope you find them useful, if you have topics you feel we should write about, or you would like to guest post on Product Warrior please do reach out and email me at blog@productwarrior.com

Product Warrior was founded by Dave Martin, Chief Product Officer at Tes Global, a role where he can fulfil his obsession with lean product management, growth innovation and process improvement. His product battle scars and learnings come from working or consulting interesting folks such as PepsiCo, Google, Monster.com, Essence Digital, Skybet, Comparethemarket.com, Bauer Media, ThoughtWorks and various startups.

In a product landscape Dave gets excited about digital product strategy, lean operational process and delivering value to users while growing profits.