Lean, mean, product machine with Tristan Kromer

As a lean startup coach, Tristan Kromer coaches product teams all over the world to experiment and improve their product or business model. He blogs at https://grasshopperherder.com/. In this podcast we chat with Tristan to get his insights and framing of using lean methodology in day to day product management.

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In this episode, we discuss how Lean can be simplified as a set of principles that can be applied to any problem or tasks.

Starting with the principle of “I don’t know”. If we can identify what we don’t know it informs us of risky assumptions and areas to learn. In product management Lean is the pursuit of knowledge to figure out what the customer wants.

More specifically, Lean empowers product managers to make informed investment decisions around which features will deliver value to the customer. To be Lean we must start with ignorance so we can open the door to learning.

The second principle is to capture data or evidence to inform learning and inform a decision. We must execute, iterating through the build measure learn loop to rapidly answer our question.

The mindset of the team members is what matters when adopting Lean. It is key that everyone recognises the uncertainty that exists in many decisions. The biggest frustrations can come from team members not always being able to maximise their key discipline when the unknowns are too big.