Product Warrior Podcast coming soon…

Coming really soon Product Warrior Podcast supported by MindTheProduct & KnowIt.

For the last few months I have been busy questioning if and why the world needs another product management blog or podcast.

After talking to many product professionals it seems that there are two common areas of difficulty that both aspiring and great product managers have to work hard at.

  1. Reducing subjective decisions
  2. Career planning

The brand new Product Warrior Podcast will focus on these two topics. The podcast will share stories from product peeps from around the world so we can all learn and improve.

The podcast will launch at the start of February 2018 and is supported by MindTheProduct & KnowIt. I am grateful to our first guests who have helped make this podcast a reality. Check out some of our first guests below, it is super exciting as they are an awesome collection of product professionals from around the world including USA, Ireland, Australia and UK:

  • Alex Pressland, VP product at Chartbeat
  • Janna Bastow, co founder of Mind The Product and ProdPad
  • James Bowman, Consultant Product Owner at EE
  • John Cutler, product blogger and most recently senior product manager at ZenDesk
  • Jake Knapp, creator of design sprints at Google Ventures and author of Sprint
  • Jonny Schneider, Principle Product Consultant at ThoughtWorks
  • Mark Rogers, Senior Product Manager at Grapeshot
  • Paul Harrington, Principle Product Consultant at Distilled Media