Sweating the prototype with James Bowman

In this weeks Product Warrior podcast titled “Sweating the prototype” we speak with James Bowman, senior product consultant at EE. As always a big thank you to MindTheProduct and Knowit for supporting us.

Well designed prototypes and user tests can inform tough decisions such as to keep going or to kill an idea early. The benefit for a team to learn early that they are going down the wrong road is big. Insights to inform corrective action are even bigger in value.

Listen on iTunes to James give tips from his experience to use the prototype to inform hard decisions.

Prototyping helps move to an agile lean approach to get users involved in the conversation early. Wireframes through to interactive prototypes enable rapid validated learnings to impact many product decisions. The prototype isn’t just valuable for learnings but key to good stakeholder management in the typical hub and spoke product management model. Video of users and soundbites give strong feedback to the team and the stakeholders.

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