The 1st Crowdsourcing Platform for Interior Design

CoContest wants to disrupt the interior design market, connecting designers and customers from all over the world and breaking borders. Thanks to the “contest” method applied to private properties, the selection process for the best designer is based exclusively on the project quality, transforming this relational market into a meritocratic one!

With CoContest today customers can obtain dozens of different projects from designers registered on CoContest, at a fraction of the price of traditional designers, and in a short time frame. In this way a larger segment of customers can now approach to this service, receiving a plural and multicultural offer, thus expanding the market and giving the opportunity to many designers, now unemployed, to find new customers.

The response of designers to our initiative was crazy, in less than two years, we have exceeded 20,000 registered architects and interior designers, not only from Europe but from over 90 different countries.