Concept 2030 Pagani Ganador

It presents a concept car with wind turbines in the wheels
“Pagani on Le Mans!” And a cars,which involved in these races — can becoming a marker of development of those or other technologies, the quality of the engine oil and gasoline, convenience salons, wear resistance of advanced materials in the construction of cars and buses. On the following race a designer Igor Zhukovsky offered his own concept car.
It is unlikely,that this machine will be able to go to the “Ring” this year or later, but there are great chances that in 8–10 years, such machines will actually take part in the races. In the meantime,satisfied with the concept.
2030 Pagani Ganador will be equipped with an engine V12. The wings of the nose and the front flap are made of carbon fiber, the last interesting affect on the brakes. If they are given some kind of damage,will air brake valve, although it is not quite clear,how it is designer.
Inside the cab driver will be thermal cameras, in order to realize real time, how a feeling the driver, not much,if he was injured in a collision, or whether not trying to sleep there

As the machine uses hydrogen fuel. On a wheels of this car built the wind turbines, which immediately generate wind energy into electricity for the battery, the energy produced can also be used to increase the power. Each bus consists of two layers: an outer hard and super-soft inner, so in high tire wear and their design will help to drive a couple of laps without any problems. It is worth noting that the concept car is very much like the Batmobile, and if re-paint it in black, the similarity is impressive.