Sony launches Motion graph app for Android smartphones

motion to your pictures and amaze your friends

source: themobileindian

Sony has announced the launch of its brand new Motion graph application for its Xperia Android smartphones. Motion graph application allows users to add motion to parts of the images thereby creating a live image which has some exciting real life animations to showcase.

The application works on the simple principle of re-looping parts of the image by creating and animated image but the benefit is users can choose which parts to animate just to create the perfect experience. The application works on the simple principle of re-looping frames over and over again. All the user’s need to do is record a simple 2–3 seconds worth of video form the application and choose the area which they want to animate or show motion in and the application takes care of the rest.

For instance, if the user wants to showcase a person blinking his/her eyes in a picture they need to record a video of the person blinking eyes and later on select the eyes for the area where action is to be allowed and finally the image will show the person bilking their eyes.

The app allows making real life images in a jiffy, and along with that it utilises image stabilisation that makes the images look more real and the action perfect.

The application is available for Sony devices only to begin with and users in India will have to wait sometime more before the application is made available for them. The application comes with a price tag or Rs 65 which is a small amount to be paid for a whole lot of fun that the application gives to the users.

source: themobileindian

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