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Spotlight: Prodigeezy Is Building Para; Growth As A Service For Startups.


Product Cycle in the last year has done a lot to build its membership, we have some notable persons in the community and even those that are lowkey but walking the talk in their careers and they do it on a high scale.

To get us acquainted with the wonderful members of the Product Cycle community, we decided to come up with a spotlight series. We basically spotlight a community member that is doing a madness in their career or startup.

Meet Iyobosa Rehoboth

Iyobosa (Prodigeezy) has been a member of the Product Cycle community for a while now and in this article, we look at how he started his journey from film-making to delving into the world of Product Marketing and building Para, a product that enables startups to get access to all they need to execute their marketing strategy as a subscription service.

So, how did you hear about Product Cycle?

I think it was through David who made a comment in one of my youtube videos and then I saw the landing page and was intrigued by the design.

How did your career start?

I started my career as a student filmmaker, cinematographer. I kept working that out into more interesting parts. From cinematography, I was a music video director for a while.
During my time as a director, I realized that I was getting other kinds of bookings sometimes I would get commercials. The best-looking thing on TV has always been musical theatre, it gave content great quality. Anyway, because of that quality, people used to book a lot of music directors including myself to make commercials and ads just so they can look nicer than the typical content.

I saw all those jobs from companies as a signal to try to understand the clients better because coming as a music video director, you need to have gumption, understand products, understand customers because a lot of times the goal of a music producer is to create aesthetic value, which involves attaching the right visuals and context to your song.
I started to get a lot more serious about understanding how to deliver the content better for that market. I decided to start a production company.

At that time, we diversified from just shooting music videos to now focusing and looking for more commercial clients. At the time, it was also a great financial move for the company.
That is sort of how we evolved over the years, after shooting a bunch of TV commercials, I began to understand how marketing agencies work and the structure around which they interact with companies especially large ones, I realized that these guys hired a lot of vendors and production companies, this helped the agencies churn out great content for TV and general offline marketing. It dawned on me that there could be another iteration of that model but I had to find what would make it unique.

During the pandemic in 2020 and after 2021, I started to look into product marketing and took a couple of courses on product management. I even got mentored by Salem Smith and was a part of his sixth mentorship cohort.

So How Did The Journey To Starting Para Begin?

During the mentorship cohort, we built a product from scratch and got personal sessions with Salem where he gave advice on the next steps for his mentees. He advised that I keep doing what I was doing in the content production space and so despite having offers, I decided to focus on the production company.
We realized we needed to give the company more structure and make it function as a system, so we stripped everything down and started to reassess everything which led us to create three products within the company, one of those products is Para which is basically a Growth-As-A-Service product.

Along the way, we realized that a lot of startups started springing up in the ecosystem. their marketing was a lot more niche and was more digitally oriented. The startups needed a stronger form of marketing that spoke to their audience but the traditional marketing agencies could not meet their peculiar needs and it would also be expensive to hire these agencies.

Para on a high level is a mix of traditional marketing techniques, product methodologies and spicing it up with creativity. The creativity is based on our experience in creating content as a production company. These 3 constituents of Para are bundled as a service that can help marketing teams create stories and execute them on digital media.

How Does Para Work?

Para actually integrates with a company’s marketing team, our ideal clients are teams who already have product and growth teams, they already have a product strategy and some sense of how they intend to get across to customers. But these guys have gaps in execution which is where Para comes in, we provide the much needed creative execution that these teams need.

So we provide a subscription service for companies and act as a support team that brings all their ideas to life with our production team whenever they are ready. We already have a pool of talent associated with our production team who are basically service vendors.

Why Should Startups Work With Para?

One thing that I think startups and most definitely tech companies need to just sort out and consider is how they intend to align the messaging that they are putting out with their core strategy to attain business growth objectives. We have found a gap between messaging and marketing execution.
We don’t just sit and execute, we actually work towards making sure that the content you intend to create aligns with the company’s growth objectives so you can have high ROI.

The second thing that makes us stand out is churning out quality content and it goes above just taking your camera and just doing something or adding random text or just adding some fundamental style tricks.
A lot of new companies don’t realize this, but getting the right content strategy means you have to think about every piece of the content, which includes the filmmaking, effects and the tiniest details. That’s where we come in, we’re able to balance the art and the science together to make sure that not only is it aesthetic but it also meets business outcomes.

The third thing is our service model which is powered by our token service where companies buy tokens and get to use Para to execute based on their need for specific services that will help them achieve their growth goals.
It doesn’t matter if the service is video creation, SEO marketing, we will provide the talent as far as you have enough tokens to afford them.

What Makes Para Stand Out?

We are in the sweet spot between being technical and creative and for us, that means understanding product marketing, content marketing and growth. We also have a lot of creative experience that will certainly ensure we build content that will help companies meet their growth goals.
Another thing thing to note is that with our token service, we get integrated into the company’s team and we aren’t just an external agency that simply comes and goes.

Para Sounds Like A Lot of Work, How Do You Manage It?

It’s really not that hard, we work with a pool of vendors or service providers that has up to a 1000 persons with different skillsets. When we get a company that wants to work with us, we speak with them about their needs, growth strategy and then we assign them a Para Agent who works on the core Para team.The Para agent works with the client, attends their growth meetings, recommends strategy, communicates with the vendors and ensures that the companies gets quality content that converts to high ROI.

So What’s The Next Step For Para?

We are just going to keep pushing, it still very early stage for us. So far, we have 18 clients who are on the token service and others who want one-off production services.
We are actually working to create some useful analytics solutions that will help companies track their progress. It will be things like a locally optimized heatmapping product for African products so that we can go beyond just marketing execution and provide products that help teams grow seamlessly.

What Do You Like About The Product Cycle Community?

I like that I can get information or news there before going to Twitter, there is always someone there that brings gist or information before you see it anywhere else. I also like the kind of quality conversations and questions that we ask on there. There are lot of communities out there for newbies which isn’t bad but it gets tiring to see rookie questions. Product Cycle conversations and questions are usually unique and tied to solving specific problems by getting firsthand information from experienced professionals.

I literally run away from Whatsapp but Product Cycle makes me check my Whatsapp every once in a while.

Who Would You Like To Read About In The Next Spotlight?

I would like to read about someone on the community who works at or runs a Crypto company because there is not a lot of information on how to run a crypto company.



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