Issue 100 - The Final Issue

This is the final issue of Product Designer Daily (PDD). :-(

It was a fun side project while it lasted. Hopefully it was helpful to some of you. Thanks so much for following along!

PDD had a healthy launch, mainly from ProductHunt, but then the growth of the list plateaued:

I’ve learned a ton in the process of launching PDD. For me, it was a milestone project. Never before had I contributed to a side project so consistently—for 100 days in a row.

Wherever you happen to be in your product designer journey, I wish you the very best. If you want to reach out, I’d love to hear from you (

Now on to the final issue…




  • Slack — San Francisco, CA
    Senior Product Designer
  • Google — Sunnyvale, CA
    Global Design, Architectural Design Lead
  • Epic Games — Cary, NC
    Senior Product Designer
  • SquareSpace — NYC
    Product Designer
  • InstaCart — San Francisco, CA
    Product Designer
  • Harvest — NYC
    Product Designer
  • Thumbtack — San Francisco, CA
    Product Designer
  • Envoy — Orange County, CA
    Product Designer
  • Postmates — San Francisco, CA
    Product Designer
  • BetterUp — San Francisco, CA
    Product Designer
  • Poll Everywhere — San Francisco
    Product Designer
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