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Producter Glossary: Product Feedback

Producter is an all-in-one product management tool to collect customer feedback, manage tasks, track roadmap, and share updates for product companies.

Feedback in its shortest definition: A customer’s opinion about a product or service.

Customers provide feedback regarding their experiences with a product or service. In addition to revealing their satisfaction level, it helps product, customer success, and marketing teams identify opportunities to improve.

Polls, surveys, and interviews are methods for collecting customer feedback proactively.

As part of passively collecting feedback, teams can provide users with a dedicated place to comment, complain, or compliment the product.

The purpose of customer feedback is to get people’s opinions about a product or service. Understanding their behavior and needs requires listening to their thoughts and feelings.

It is especially important for product managers because they need to truly understand their users and their pain before they can design a solution that will work.

You should also collect feedback at each major milestone of the product (as well as when new versions are released) in addition to early on in the process.

Understanding how customers feel about the new product features and what they would like to see in the future will help you create a better product in the long run.

Users are all unique. Some users will only complain, some will offer no opinion, while others will provide you with constructive feedback.

What you shouldn’t build is as critical as what you build. The product manager’s job is to keep the roadmap focused on the long-term strategy. It requires saying ‘no’ a lot.

An actionable user feedback list should always be kept to decide what to accept and what to reject. You can use this to observe trends in the data and record how frequently a particular feature or improvement is requested by users.

In conclusion, collecting feedback is all about making our products better. The best feedback is the one most likely to create empathy and elicit a product change.




Producter helps teams manage software products in one place with a product-led growth mindset.

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