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Producter Glossary: Sprint

Agile development is based on the principle of delivering software rapidly and on a regular basis. By using iterative and incremental development methods, the development teams can deliver small amounts of new functionality in short and repeatable cycles.


Sprints are usually completed within one to four weeks in the scrum. This time-box focuses on building and testing clearly defined sets of functionality, leading to a shippable work increment.

As a product manager, it is helpful to understand how sprints are usually managed to encourage your development team to become more agile. Using this method, you will be able to deliver functionality that your customers want to see.

How to organize

Team members use task boards to manage their work during a sprint. Sprint burndown charts are used to track progress. Daily scrums are short stand-up meetings the team holds daily. Their daily goals, what they accomplished the day before, and any obstacles standing in their way are discussed.

The team and product manager must be satisfied with the user stories and outcomes. Throughout the sprint, the product manager provides feedback, answers questions, and ensures that the acceptance criteria are met.


A sprint goal is a simple objective set before a sprint begins in the scrum methodology for agile. These goals are set collaboratively by the product owner and the delivery team. It is essential that sprint goals measure easily and convey the underlying purpose of the sprint backlog items.

Scrum, Kanban, and XP are just a few of the many software development methodologies under the umbrella term agile, a set of values and principles. Though these methodologies have a similar philosophy, they differ in their methods, practices, and terminology.

You should choose the methodology that best fits your company and product and shape it according to your values.



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