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What does Product Management mean for Producters?


What is Product Management for Producters?

North Star

The north star of a digital product company is product management and vision. You always know where and how they should be. It should shine the brightest so that you can see it. Seeing it clearly will help you to stay on your path, always.

Dreams vs. Reality

It is common for companies to view their product as their north star. They define their process based on the product and believe it is the best one. During the sprints, they assume that everything will go smoothly. Moreover, they believe the roadmap they’ve planned is on the right track. But things often don’t go as imagined.

Even if we have one-on-one conversations with our users, we do not provide them feedback channel they can reach whenever they want. Companies providing that feedback channel often fail to analyze them.

We create endless backlogs to categorize different tasks. As a result, chaos increases.

Sales, Account Management, and Marketing team members start to follow up on the tasks they’re waiting for. Product people find themselves in the middle of numerous alignment meetings with the stakeholders. Overcommunication will inevitably cost a lot.

Most startups dream of planning a strategic roadmap. They make the first attempt to plan and never look at it again. Never update the roadmap created. Different teams working on a common project either become unaware of what the other team is working on, or both teams waste a lot of time with countless meetings.

Our product improves with each version. However, we fail to keep our users up-to-date. In the long run, we pave the road to user churn with our hands.

Indeed, none of these scenarios are desirable. All our efforts are to find an answer to optimizing our processes and building more efficiently. And do this in an experience, user, and growth-oriented way.

Be Ready for Change

As Producters, we know something straightforward about product management: “If you rally all teams around a vision and track your inputs and outputs, you will not face any obstacles to achieving your product and growth goals.

Being a Producter will give you three key benefits:

1- Producter eliminates overcommunication cost and organizational silos by establishing meaningful relationships between modules.

2- Your organization can take a huge step towards becoming truly user-centric by embracing Producter as a convenient portal for your users. In this way, you will find the product-market fit by collecting and analyzing quality user feedback.

3- Producter provides you a collaborative workspace where all team members can work together around an experience-oriented product. And most importantly, we will prove that product management goes beyond managing tasks. By disrupting this status quo, you will become part of the change we initiated.

Be a Producter Company

Now you have met Producter. I am sure that this acquaintance will bring productivity, growth, and success. And of course, if the tools you use in your product management process do not meet your expectations or you think there should be a better one, I suggest you look at Let’s shape Producter together with your feedback. Let us be the north star of your product management process. Because we don’t believe in what Jimmy Dean says, “I can’t change the direction of the wind.” If we all start humming the song of change together, the wind won’t be able to hold on for long. And the sails of us, the Producters, who are the pioneers of change, will be ready for it. We are setting the tone for change with Producter companies!



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Samet Özkale

Samet Özkale

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