For a newsletter loosely themed on a band I rather like, there’s been precious little in the way of audio content so far. So this week, I’m going to rectify that with some recommended product podcasts you can wrap your ears round.

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what to think about this week

One Knight in Product

Jason Knight hosts a podcast for people interested in building, designing and marketing tech products.

Interviews with product people


Women in TECH with Ariana

Ariana Waller shares tangible resources to help women navigate the tech industry, from funding opportunities for your startup, access to free coding courses, monthly sponsor giveaways, job opportunities and so much more.

Tech, entrepreneurship and news


The Pig Wrestlers

The Pig Wrestlers podcast

Serial entrepreneur Ray Rafiq-Omar and freelance head of product Jock Busuttil get together to discuss Mark McCormack’s book, Never Wrestle With A Pig. They just don’t always get around to it …

Covering startups, tech, entrepreneurship and some of the gnarlier topics in current affairs.

Listen now

The Product Experience

Join Lily Smith and Randy Silver for in-depth conversations with some of the best product people around the world! Every week they chat with people in the know and cover the topics that matter to you — solving real problems, developing awesome products, building successful teams and developing careers.

In-depth conversations with product people


100PM at Leading The Product

Listen to nine episodes featuring global product leaders from our special coverage of Leading the Product conference 2018.

A collection of interviews with the conference speakers and organisers


recent posts

The only article you’ll ever need on prioritization

When faced with an overwhelming number of things you could be doing, all with good reasons for doing them, it can be tremendously hard to decide which to do, let alone which to do first.

Prioritization is all about deciding this as objectively and transparently as you can.

Break the deadlock


What technical skills do I need to be a product manager?

I am searching for a career change and Product Management/ Project Management are my areas of interest. I was looking to understand, based on your experience, if in such roles technical skills are required?

Read on for my answer


How to start a new product manager job

Starting a new product manager job can be daunting, particularly if you don’t change jobs very often. I work freelance, so I find myself in a new organisation roughly every 3–6 months. Let me share with you my tips for your first few months in a new role.

What to do in the first 30–90 days


can we help you?

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Jock Busuttil

Jock Busuttil

Freelance head of product, author & founder of productpeo.pl. My surname tends to come up as ‘Bushtit’ in spell-checkers. I also blog at imanageproducts.com.

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