How to find the email address of your startup’s next investor?

Other day while reading articles on Quora, I found a thread where someone asked this question Where can I find an email database of angel investors?

I found this funny as even if there is such a database and you contact investors, your email will land in their trash or spam folder. Cold email does not work in VC world or elsewhere. You have to build relationships and get introduced through known person.

In business, we need to connect with many people for networking, business partnership and of course for funds. Connecting via LinkedIn or is time-consuming and often requires their email address. So what if we can get the email address of anyone without paying for it?

I am going to show a small growth hack which you can use to find the email address of potential business associates. However, I would like to warn you that this hack is not full proof and sending cold emails will often lead to spam complaints. You can use this technique to find the email address and then contact the person explaining the reason for contact and how you found the email address.

I have used this technique earlier for connecting with marketing experts, while I was writing a book on email marketing.

The technique is simple, you have to first install a Firefox or Chrome plugin calledRapportive (product is owned by LinkedIn).

After installing it, log in to your Gmail and LinkedIn accounts from separate tabs (of the same browser window).

Create a new email draft. Suppose you are trying to reach a person with name Matt Jason working at Try to create different combinations of email address,,

If the person has a profile on LinkedIn and the email address you guessed is right, theRapportive will show the profile of that person on the right sidebar.

If you get a profile with the details matching your prospect, then you know the right email address of that person. As an example, I tried my own email address and this is what I got in my Gmail window.

So now you know how to do this simple hack which can help your business grow. You must note that this technique works only if the person has an account on LinkedIn.

I would still recommend that you use this trick less often and instead suggest you to rely on your network for an introduction with prospects.

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