Why You Need a Brand Style Guide for Your Business

Plan your Product Style Guide (Image source: pixabay)

A Style Guide Can Make Branding Clear and Attractive

When almost every resource is limited, getting the best from your designer is not a secret recipe anymore…A Style guide will provide guidance and reference for the whole team to design product wisely.

Getting Uniformity in the Content of Apps/Products

Same things can be said and represented in many ways, nothing new in this. So a designer must be aware of the UI and UX design languages which give you consistency over a period of time, so is the saying long lasting things and user-friendly products sells the best.

Make the New Versions Similar to Earlier Ones

It means that while making the changes in the software, please try to use the old codes and icons to make the products user-friendly. I’m not saying it not to move to a better version, but all I ask for is to not to be abrupt with all that, be patient and be humble with your product. That’s the key!

A Style Guide as a Manuscript

While making a product or solving a problem, we often get solutions for a lot of problems which can be used to save a lot of time. It is like 10 people working on the same problem as style guide keeps everyone engaged and uniform, also, helping you achieve your product deadlines on or even before specified time.

Matches the Ever-Evolving Need

In an environment which is ever evolving, a designer task is quite tricky to evolve with the needs of the previous products, so UI must be inspirational for products, and try to find the solid components which give consistent results, don’t change the common components often as it might harm your brand image in the short run.

A Style Guide is all you need for Designing a Quality Product ( Image Source: Pixabay)


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Stories, insights, & ideas on Product Management