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A bites. Original

This was originally published on the bites. Facebook Page. bites. is a product built right here in Phoenix,

bites. is a free mobile app offering a marketplace for foodies, local chefs and farms to come together…a trifecta of wins…variety and budgetary options for foodies, economic empowerment of local communities, and a collective effort to reduce our global carbon footprint.

we seek to promote adventurous eating that sources fresh ingredients from local farms to your table, while reducing the negative environmental impacts of having produce flown-in, shipped-in, or trucked-in…we aspire to connect people more consciously to their communities and to the earth through what they consume and what they use their dollars to support.

we believe in what we’ve created. we believe we can have a positive impact by how we engage foodies with chefs and farms within their communities. bites. is more than an app…it’s a movement with soul, driven by a founder full of passion for conscious, creative, intentional living. we believe in living with purpose, living with a voice, and taking actions in support of a meaningful life.

our website (www.bites.mobi) will go live april 2017…you can also visit our FB page to learn more about this grassroots movement. #bitesmovement #ubelong

roza ferdowsmakan, founder

Click here to get on the early testers list for bites.

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