Episode 133: Small Business as a Vehicle for Social Change with Pam Slim

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Topics We Explored:

  • What spurred Pam to create K’é, her new small business incubator
  • How big companies differ from small companies with regard to wealth
  • Why we might want to expand our definition of success
  • Why it’s a limiting belief that focusing on change is going to be an additional cost
  • What communities Charlie connected with when he first moved to Portland
  • How being more intentional with your choices can promote diversity and inclusiveness
“It’s some of the most rewarding work just to realize there are different ways that we can choose to be in community.” — Pam Slim

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About Pam Slim:

Pamela Slim is an award-winning author, speaker and business consultant who has been an entrepreneur for twenty years. Her passion for career and organizational development spans many different work modes and client engagements.

A former Director of Training and Development at Barclays Global Investors in San Francisco, she spent the first 10 years of her business as a consultant to large companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Charles Schwab and Cisco Systems, where she worked with thousands of executives, managers and employees.

In the last eleven years, she helped hundreds of people to start and grow successful businesses. She built a powerful online presence at Escape from Cubicle Nation, a site designed for corporate employees who wanted to make the shift to entrepreneur. At Escape, Pam developed and taught business building courses for thousands of entrepreneurs. She has worked with companies serving the small business market such as Infusionsoft, Kahuna Accounting and Citrix.

In August, 2016, Pam opened K’é, a place to grow small business in downtown Mesa, Arizona. In this space, she will conduct workshops, feature master classes from experts, and support her local small business community.

She is frequently quoted as a business expert in press such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Information Week, Money Magazine and Psychology Today.

Pam is a passionate martial artist who practiced the Afro-Brazilian Capoeira for 11 years in San Francisco, where she was Executive Director of Omulu Capoeira Group, a non-profit martial arts organization. She studied Mixed Martial Arts with Edward Kelly Fiori in Arizona, receiving her black belt in July, 2013.

Pam’s latest book, Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together, gives a fresh perspective on the skills required to thrive in the new world of work.

Her first book, Escape from Cubicle Nation, won Best Small Business/Entrepreneur Book of 2009 from 800 CEO Read.

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