Episode 141: How to Balance Entrepreneurship and Fatherhood with Mike Bruny and Jeremie Miller

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Topics We Explored:

  • How Mike and Jeremie balance work that makes money vs work that supports the family non-economically
  • How child-rearing can minimize, constrain, or affect creative cycles
  • Why compartmentalizing creativity and family time can make you more focused on each
  • What societal changes have occurred over the last few decades that affect the way we approach parenting and work
  • How treating ourselves the way we treat our children is beneficial to all
  • Why our expectations are often higher than our ability to meet them
  • What aspects of parenthood don’t get discussed because they are too uncomfortable
“Whether you’re a dad or a leader, we have to be gentler with ourselves when those past influences show themselves.” — Jeremie Miller

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About Mike Bruny and Jeremie Miller:

Mike Ambassador Bruny creates projects that help individuals and organizations network better and build stronger communities. Recently he has been focusing on working with Introverts as they prepare for networking at conferences. He is the author of Move the Crowd: 30 Days of Hip-Hop Affirmations to Change Your Life, as well as a speaker and certified life coach. You can find his content in places like Forbes.com, Social Media Examiner, and BlackEnterprise.com. He also serves as the Digital Content Manager for Babson College’s Executive Education Division and is a proud member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

“To provide my family with the security we need to have amazing adventures together” — this is Jeremie’s big why. Jeremie, Ashlea, and their son Fionn base all of their amazing adventures out of their home in Rossland, British Columbia. When Jeremie started his business, he knew he couldn’t take the big money risks that many business owners do, so he focused from day one on building a sustainable and financially secure business that would support his family and keep everyone safe. Now, after seven years of being in business and testing his money management ideas out on himself, Jeremie wants to support you in creating the money habits and solutions you need to build and grow a sustainable and financially secure business.

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