Episode 74: The Emotional Journey of Growing Your Business

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Letting someone else fly the plane when you’ve been flying solo for so long can be an emotional journey. How do you determine what your crew should look like? What should you be delegating and paying someone else to do? What can be scariest of all is not knowing what to do with the new-found time and creative energy that come as a result of delegating.

Make sure your tray table and seat are in the upright and locked position, and listen to how to navigate the turbulent stages of growing your business.

Topics We Explored:

  • How to work through the emotional and monetary costs of delegating core business tasks
  • How to navigate the challenging shift of working on vs. in your business
  • How to determine what’s worth delegating and paying someone to do
  • Why you need at least one person on your team who’s the voice of “No”
  • What to do with the projects you don’t have time for
  • Why bigger isn’t better when it comes to team size
  • What two fears keep business owners from relinquishing their expert technician position
“A lot of people think bigger is better when it comes to teams. But it’s not. Better is better.” — Charlie Gilkey

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