Michael Silvio: Learning Life Lessons Through Running (Episode 197)

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Topics We Explored:

  • What the catalyst was for Mike to run marathons on every continent, and what various lessons he learned while running in each location
  • How dedication can start to snowball into other parts of your life once you start to hone in on commiting to one thing
  • Why communicating your goals to those around you can help you to achieve those goals
  • What you can do when you feel post-accomplishment depression, and how you can move forward to create a newer, bigger goal

“People will rally around you if you communicate a positive goal, and a realistic goal.” — Mike Silvio

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

About Michael Silvio:

Michael is an automotive executive, avid runner, diabetic, and heart patient. He is one of a small group of runners who have run full marathons on all seven continents and a member of the Seven Continent Club, which has fewer then 700 certified runners from around the world.

After training for and running Antarctica, Michael’s medical condition resulted in a lifesaving heart procedure which changed his life.

Michael’s story was featured in “Live Happy” magazine online, Huffington Post, as well as a podcast with New York Times best-selling author Kimberly Snyder. In September 2017, Michael was featured on Jiyo, a well-being app co-created by Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP.

Michael frequently speaks on the “Seven Life Lessons Learned While Running Seven Continents”. He is currently writing a book on his experience. He also speaks on mentoring, and building employer of choice programs.

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How to be a productive, flourishing co-creator of a better world

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